Continuing Support and Aftercare Sessions

Aftercare sessions are held once weekly via an online platform by Oasis Bradford detox staff. A year’s free complimentary aftercare is available to all who complete their treatment plan and graduate. Facilitated by one of our experienced recovery coaches, those attending will be able to check-in and discuss any issues that may be of a concern to them. The group and the facilitator present will then be able to assist them in finding a suitable solution and help them to resolve any issues that are worrying them. This is achieved through applying the principles of recovery and provides the individual with a safe and confidential space to share. Furthermore, those that attend aftercare will receive encouragement, support and motivation from their peers with whom they underwent treatment.

Statistically, it has been proven that those who undergo a full aftercare programme, and continue to engage in recovery, have a far better chance of remaining clean and sober than those who don’t.

Most of our patients find aftercare a very helpful and grounding experience. Life can be hectic and it is easy to lose focus. Living life on life’s terms newly clean and sober is not easy. Whilst in detox with us, clients are taught simple techniques to help them take the next stage in their recovery. This is vital, as they cannot afford to rely on their old coping mechanisms and so must apply new and healthier ways of managing their emotions and their lives if they are to stay on track.

Why Aftercare?

Firstly, alcoholism and addiction are chronic-lifetime illness that manifest in the individual’s thinking and personal belief systems, resulting in the compulsive use of alcohol, drugs or a destructive activity. It impacts on every area of the sufferer’s life, physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually and mentally. Recovery is not an overnight process and there is no quick fix; it takes time, dedication and work.

When an individual first leaves our care and returns back to their home environment, free from alcohol and drugs, they will look better, feel better and have more self-confidence. However, the initial gratitude that they feel for being clean and sober can quickly dwindle, as life naturally presents its challenges and stresses. When faced with a situation that they have never previously dealt with sober, they have but one of two options – fall back on their own methods of coping, i.e. drink, drugs or an impulsive behaviour OR implement the new healthier methods of coping that they have learned from the treatment process.

During your treatment, at Oasis Bradford you will learn proven relapse prevention techniques and gain a better understanding of your illness and the steps you can take in order to maintain recovery. Aftercare is a continuation of this process, and helps you to remain focused and deal with emotions and life’s challenges without the need for a drink or a drug!

The Benefits of Aftercare

Aftercare offers many benefits for those transitioning from active addiction to a clean and sober life. Here are just a few:

  • The opportunity to learn from others experiences of similar issues and events and how they successfully overcame them
  • Receive motivation, inspiration and encouragement from their peers and the keyworker present
  • A chance to evaluate how they are progressing and identify areas that need improvement
  • Provides a confidential and non-judgemental space in which they can share their thoughts, feelings and fears
  • Receive solution-focused feedback that helps to keep them focused and on track, putting recovery first.
  • Continue to learn and grow through sharing, listening and supporting peers that attend the sessions

Our Commitment to Your Ongoing Recovery

Oasis Bradford are committed to your long term recovery and therefore value continuity of care. We will do everything possible to help you stay in recovery, once detoxed. Furthermore, we are also here to support your loved ones and family member’s too. If you have any questions relating to our complimentary aftercare programme, please call and speak with a member of our team who will be happy to advise.

* It is strongly recommended that any individual, who completes a detox with us, then go on to a full rehabilitation programme at our rehab facility in Runcorn. There, they will receive a bespoke programme, aimed at tackling the issues underpinning their addiction. All therapies at our Runcorn rehab clinic are evidence based and delivered by qualified and very experienced counsellors, most of who are in recovery from addiction.

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