Finding Local Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment In Manchester

The misuse of drugs and alcohol can cause serious side effects to your health and social life if you don’t seek treatment. Addiction is a medical condition, that is treatable, and in Greater Manchester, there are treatment options that can help you attain recovery.

It can be extremely difficult to quit the compulsive use of drugs and alcohol on your own because your brain has become dependent on these substances for normal function. There’s also another challenge that comes in the form of withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to quit. However, addiction treatment programmes with a medically assisted detox will ease the difficulties of withdrawal.

Everyone goes through addiction differently, which means treatment programmes need to be tailored to the condition of the addict in question. This is why private rehabs, that ensure addicts go through personalised treatment plans, are the best route to recovery. Addiction specialists will inform you of various recovery options available to you in Greater Manchester, from private rehab to support groups near you.

Services Offered By Oasis Bradford

Oasis Bradford located in Bradford, Yorkshire is a unique rehab that provides a holistic treatment process that goes above and beyond inpatient treatment. We provide structure and inspiration to everyone that has lost hope of recovery. Our ability to detox any addictive substance from the human body sets us apart from rivals facilities. This, along with world-class CQC approved holistic rehabilitation ensures that once our clients are detoxed they stay stopped long-term

Oasis Runcorn located in Runcorn, Cheshire is our sister centre and part of the Oasis Recovery Communities family. Here are 100% CQC rated clinic offers intensive rehabilitation programmes tailored to individual needs and preferences

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Alcohol detox and rehab
  • Drug detox and rehab
  • 12-Step therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • 1yr free aftercare relapse prevention
  • Sober transport

Oasis Bradford is located 37 miles from Manchester. It is a 60-minute drive via the M62 – Talk to us if you need sober transportation to and from your location.

Get in touch with us today to begin your rehabilitation process.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

Private rehab comes with many advantages over other treatment routes and options such as the NHS, charities and free community programmes.

These advantages include:

  • Around-the-clock Speedy admission in cases of emergency
  • Quick access to health professionals and therapists
  • Detoxification and rehabilitation with 24/7 care and support
  • Personalised treatment programmes
  • Arrangement for family support and therapy
  • Flexible treatment options, which include inpatient and outpatient care
  • 1 yr free aftercare programmes
  • Integration of other therapeutic activities – such as music and art therapy

Cons of private rehab

Cost – which should be weighed up against long-term health deterioration and financial oblivion

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Greater Manchester?

Addiction counselling 10 sessions for £1,000
10 day detox with therapy £3,500
14 day detox, rehab and therapy £4,950
28 day detox, rehab & therapy £9,000

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Greater Manchester

The Achieve drug and alcohol addiction treatment service is a free programme carried out under the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH). This service aims to identify and support people who are going through hard times as a result of drug or alcohol abuse, and get them into appropriate recovery programmes. Achieve provides this support for people living in in Bolton, Trafford, and Salford.

Addiction Support Groups in Greater Manchester

Support groups and mutual aid communities are known to be helpful recovery options. They are ideal for staying on track and maintaining sobriety, especially after you have already undergone a professional detox and rehab programme. While these groups differ from group therapies, that are spearheaded by licensed professionals, they offer emotional and psychological support through life stories shared by other the addicts during meetings. Some of the support fellowships in Greater Manchester include:

Alcoholics Anonymous: This a self-help group that is based on the 12-step programme, which involves individuals who are fighting to overcome their drinking problems. It is an independent international community with meeting venues all over the world. You’ll find meeting centres in Greater Manchester that are close to you, which you can attend on a weekly basis.

Narcotics Anonymous: This is another mutual aid society that is also founded on 12-step therapy, like AA. However, NA is made up of men and women who have resolved to kick their addiction to drugs. NA meetings are free to attend, with the sole requirement being that you’ve made the firm decision to quit using drugs.

Cocaine Anonymous: This group’s main focus is for those who have come to the realisation that their cocaine use is destructive, and have resolved to put an end to their compulsive consumption of the substance. It is guided by the same principles as NA and AA, but is more streamlined to cocaine addiction.

NA meetings in/near Greater Manchester

These are NA meeting venues and opening times in Greater Manchester. These meetings are made up of fellow addicts that are working through recovery.

After 8s
Phoenix Mill
20 Piercy Street
Greater Manchester
Sundays 4:30 pm

The Old County Court
Tenterden Street
Greater Manchester
Mondays 7:00 pm

A New Life
Ashton Business Centre
111-113 Old Street
Greater Manchester
Tuesdays 6:00 pm

AA meetings in/near Greater Manchester

There are numerous AA meetings in Greater Manchester, and there is always one close to you. The following is a list of meeting locations that you can attend.

Stockport Woodley Big Book Study Sunday
Woodley Methodist Church, Chapel St (off Hyde Rd).
Sundays 7:00 pm

Manchester Spiritual Exploration in AA Sunday
The Nook, Nexus Art Cafe, Dale St.
M1 1JW
Sundays 4:00 pm

Salford Abbott Lodge Discussion Monday
Salvation Army, Abbott Lodge,
4 Brindle Heath Road.
Mondays 7:30 pm

Addiction Counselling in/near Greater Manchester

Private counselling services can aid your recovery process, and reinforce the coping strategies you have learned through rehab.
We offer an aftercare programme for a year at Oasis Bradford, where you’ll continue to get access to therapists, but you can employ a private counselling service in Greater Manchester if you want to.

Contact details and other information about these therapists within your locality in Greater Manchester can be found through online directories, such as and National Counselling Society.

Local Govt Addiction Resources in Greater Manchester

Manchester Integrated Drug and Alcohol Service: This service is provided by Change, Grow, Live. to help people with substance misuse problems make it past recovery through a range of medical and non-medical services.

Eclypse– Manchester: A free drug and alcohol service targeted at young people, below the age of 19, who have been affected by their own substance misuse, or that of a family member.

How Can I Get To and From Greater Manchester?

By Train

There are more than 90 train stations currently in use in Greater Manchester, which provide suitable connections within the metropolitan, county as well as to other parts of the UK. The main stations in Manchester city centre include Deansgate, Victoria, Piccadilly, and Oxford.

By Road

The M60 ring road provides a great inter-suburban link to different regions within Greater Manchester, connecting 27 junctions in different districts. Other roads that serve the county are the M56, which connects to Manchester Airport, the M6 to Birmingham, the M61, M62 (which connects to Bradford, West Yorkshire), the M66, and M67.

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