Frequently asked questions

Can I have visitors?

Visitors are allowed to visit on Sundays, but must stay within the clinic during visiting hours. All visits must be requested prior to the visit being approved by staff. This is to keep the individual and our other clients safe. Visitors will need to bring some form of proof of ID with them. We consider clients that are undergoing detox to be extremely vulnerable, so take every measure possible to keep them safe at all times. We have a family room for children that is equipped with toys and games, a large spacious lounge area, communal dining room area and outside courtyard garden. Children that are visiting must be supervised by the adult visitor attending at all times. Gifts for our clients may be brought, but must be left at reception.

Can I receive and make phone calls?

Clients are not allowed their mobile phones for the duration of their stay; this is to keep them focused on their detox and recovery and prevent them from getting involved in outside issues that ultimately could have the potential to make them want to leave without them completing their detox. We have a payphone that clients are allowed to use every evening and all day and evening at weekends. Professional and private phone calls can be requested daily during house meeting in the mornings.

Will I be able to keep hospital or court appointments?

Yes, our staff will see to it wherever possible that appointments are kept and will accompany you. Where the appointment is far away, we will contact the hospital or court and explain the situation to see if it is possible/appropriate to be deferred until after treatment is completed

What clothes will I need?

We suggest that you bring comfortable, casual clothing as you will be detoxing and clothes that are appropriate for the season. We have an onsite laundry room which you can freely use. Washing powder is provided and there is a washing machine, clothes airers and a tumble dryer. Bedding and towels are provided freshly laundered as and when requested by our cleaning staff.

Can I bring my laptop, tablet etc.?

We have no WIFI access for clients at Oasis Bradford; for the simple reason that we want you to focus 100 percent on getting well and completing your detox. Laptops are not allowed, but you may bring books and writing materials.

What is the average day like?

A typical day will consist of 3 to 4 therapy groups and/or workshops, self-help group meetings, visits once a week, opportunities for exercise in the form of walk outings with members of staff, holistic therapies, and free time to relax and socialise with other clients, key work sessions, medical checks and dispensing of medications.

Are all the staff fully qualified?

All our staff have qualifications relating to their specific disciplines. In addition we ensure all staff undergo regular training updates. Please see our “meet the team” section for specifics.

Can I receive letters/parcels?

You can send and receive letters and parcels although for obvious reasons these will have to be opened in the presence of a member of staff.

When will I see the doctor?

You will meet with our medical team and doctor on the first day of admission for a full assessment. From there on, you will see the medical team daily. Any issues that need to be addressed with the Doctor directly can be arranged.

Can I smoke?

The outside courtyard/garden area is open for smoking breaks in between sessions and open all evening. There is a seating area available also.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed at Oasis Bradford

Can I bring my car?

We would discourage you from bringing your car and would suggest a family member or friend bring you to the centre. However if it cannot be avoided, we will ask you to handover your keys on arrival for safekeeping.

What should I bring?

Casual comfortable clothing, toiletries and cigarettes or tobacco if you smoke. A small amount of money for any incidentals you may need to buy. Please do not bring large amounts of cash or valuable jewellery – we do have safekeeping for valuables but space is limited.

What if I become unwell whilst in treatment?

Any minor ailments can be dealt with by our medical team of qualified nurses or our local walk-in centre where appropriate. Your detoxification will be very closely monitored and overseen by our doctor and nursing staff. Any emergency issues will be dealt with by the emergency services in the normal way.

Is there any outside space?

Yes, we have a spacious secured courtyard attached to the clinic, with seating areas and potted plants. You will be allowed free access to this in between sessions and in the evenings.