Admission to Oasis Bradford

We understand that the admission process to detox can be a very upsetting time for all concerned. Alcoholics and Addicts usually ask for help when their life reaches a crisis point and it becomes a matter of life or death. We are very sensitive to this, as understand how this impacts on the family and loved ones of the individual in crisis.

Oasis Bradford has a specially trained admissions team on stand by 7 days a week. We will do our upmost to ensure that the admission runs as smoothly as possible and help relieve the family of the stress involved.

We are able to arrange urgent admissions to our detox clinic within a matter of hours wherever possible. Those that suffer from addiction will rarely have moments of clarity; where a window of opportunity to help them presents itself, it is important to act quickly and we can respond to and accommodate this.

On Arrival

On arriving at Oasis Bradford you will be welcomed by a member of our clinical team. They will be able to offer you reassurance and answer any questions that you may have relating to your stay. You will be shown around the clinic so that you know where to find everything you need; following a full doctor’s assessment you will then be shown to your room. Any valuables and money will be placed in our safe for safekeeping. Any outstanding paperwork relating to your treatment will be explained to you and completed.  We realise that most patients come to us confused and very intoxicated.  We will keep your first day with us as simple as possible so you have time to adjust to your new surroundings.  It is important to us that you feel comfortable and not overwhelmed or bombarded with information when you first arrive.

Doctor’s Assessment

Shortly after arriving at Oasis Bradford, you will be taken to meet and be assessed by our clinics Doctor and nursing team. There, you will receive a full medical assessment of your treatment needs. A detox regime will be prescribed if required; this will be constantly reviewed and monitored throughout your stay by our medical staff and support workers.  Our doctor will also review the list of any current medications that you are prescribed to ensure that your health requirements are met.  Additional medication and vitamins may be prescribed to support your recovery process. Our Doctor is available at all times, so should you need to speak to, or see someone for a medical concern, we will ensure that is promptly arranged. In addition to our very capable onsite medical service we also have access to a hospital very close by. Anyone that is very unwell or needs a high level of urgent medical attention will be taken to the hospital to be seen and treated accordingly.  Our clinic is set up to keep you safe at all times, so you will be closely monitored and assessed by our nursing team throughout the day and night.

Oasis Bradford is a Care Quality Commissioned detox facility; this means that we adhere to very strict policies and guidelines with regards to your safety, treatment and medical care at all times.

Your Stay at Oasis Bradford

During your first few days of detox treatment, you will meet and work with your personally assigned key worker; who will work with you to create a care plan specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals whilst in treatment. You medical, physical, emotional and social needs will be taken into account.

Your personal treatment plan is designed to help you to recovery physically and emotionally whilst in our care and will incorporate regular one to one’s with your key worker to discuss any issues that need addressing and to review your progress. For the duration of your stay there will also be staff and support workers available to speak to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your Security

Oasis Bradford is a very secure environment with CCTV installed in the clinics main areas and stairwells. This is constantly monitored to ensure that each and every client is safe and well.  The team also checks on you throughout the night to ensure you are safe and comfortable. For the duration of your stay you will not be allowed to leave the premises without a support worker present; this is simply to keep you safe from temptation and ensures you are supported at all times. Anyone entering the building for a visit during visiting hours has to be previously approved by staff, to ensure your safety and the safety of our other clients.

Sober Transport

We appreciate that many of our patients, due to being intoxicated and dependent on alcohol or drugs, will not be able to drive themselves to the clinic and may be too afraid or at risk to travel alone by other means.  We therefore offer a sober transport service to and from our clinic. Our Sober Transport driver it fully trained in supporting you during your journey. They are also able to assist you in packing and ensuring that your property is secured before you leave. If you require this service please provide us with as much notice as possible so that your admission is not delayed.

If you have any further questions relating to admissions, please contact us directly and speak to a member of our team, who will be happy to assist you in any way that they can.

Our Admissions Process


We will ask you to provide a short history of the issue you wish to address, any medical information that may be relevant and other information which will enable us to provide the right programme for you

Choice of Clinic

We provide the majority of treatment in our Oasis Bradford clinic but as part of the UK Addiction Treatment group, we can treat you across the United Kingdom (if that better suits your treatment needs)


Our fees and terms and conditions will be explained to you clearly and can be sent to you in writing. Once you have made the decision to be admitted to the centre of your choice, a deposit will be taken, with the balance payable on admission

Sober Transportation

We encourage you to travel to our residential facility with a family member (or friend) but if this is not possible we have our own sober transportation service.


On arrival at your chosen centre you will be welcomed by a member of staff who will ensure that you feel settled and cared for at the start of your treatment journey. You will meet doctors, nurses and fellow clients and begin your recovery journey proper