Crack rehab

There are few more difficult life situations than addiction, but crack cocaine rehab can provide you with the fresh start you need. It can help you to understand the reasons for your crack use, address those underlying causes systematically and begin to repair the damage done to your life and relationships.

Undergoing crack cocaine addiction treatment at Oasis Bradford can be the first step to a brighter future where crack cocaine is a distant memory.


Crack rehab - therapy support

What is crack cocaine rehab?

Crack cocaine rehab involves holistic treatment to overcome crack dependency in a safe and secure environment. Ridding your body of crack cocaine and its toxins through crack detox is a vital part of recovery; however, it is only the first stage. On its own, this process is not enough to overcome the psychological and mental health drivers which often cause a person to relapse.

Crack cocaine rehab goes beyond the physical effects by digging deeper to understand your personal set of circumstances and identifying the causes for turning to crack use in the first place. With the support of mental health professionals, co-occurring mental health concerns that may have arisen due to crack use can also be identified and treated.

By learning skills and tools to respond to these causes or triggers healthily, you leave crack cocaine addiction treatment with relapse prevention skills. During your stay, you will also meet others who are on a similar path, and their insights and coping skills become valuable elements in your recovery journey. Professional treatment, sober peer support, a change of routine, an environment free from temptation and distraction of crack cocaine combine to allow you a true opportunity for change.

While crack cocaine rehab does not do all the work for you, anyone who is willing, committed and open to healing will benefit from the therapeutic work that offers new perspectives, healthy coping mechanisms and access to a sober life.

Do I need crack cocaine rehab?

Recognising the need for treatment is not always straightforward as addiction has a deceiving, manipulative nature that can convince you and your loved ones that you are fine or deny the extent of a problem.

Not everyone can spot the signs of crack abuse and loved ones may inadvertently practise enabling behaviours. This may be something like giving you money for expenses, covering for their work absence or excusing your behaviour. All of this could keep you from seeing the need to start crack cocaine rehab as well.

The following questions may help you recognise a need for crack cocaine rehab:

  • Do you spend much of your time obtaining, using or recovering from crack use?
  • Have you attempted to quit crack cocaine but found that you couldn’t?
  • Has crack use negatively impacted your work, family or social responsibilities?
  • Do you feel that you need crack to feel ‘normal’, or use it to cope with difficult or uncomfortable emotions or situations?
  • Do you need more and more crack over time to feel the same effects?
  • Has crack use harmed your personal relationships?
  • Have you hidden or lied about your drug use, financial situation or whereabouts?
  • Have you continued crack use despite the negative consequences it has for you or your loved ones?
  • Have you lost interest in hobbies or activities you once enjoyed?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, it is almost certainly time to consider enrolling in rehab for crack cocaine.

What does crack cocaine rehab entail?

Crack cocaine addiction treatment at Oasis Recovery provides you with a shielded inpatient environment where experienced staff are available 24/7 throughout your recovery journey and you will have the time and space to reflect and heal from the inside out. We offer a range of therapies as part of our programme, including one-to-one support and group therapy.

Group therapy sessions involve sharing your experiences of crack cocaine with a supportive group, participating in workshops and working on your recovery plan, helping you to develop empathy, learn from each other and build a peer network that may last well beyond your rehab programme. 12-step work and dialectical behaviour therapy may also be carried out in a group setting to allow you to keep making progress on your recovery journey from crack.

During one-to-one sessions, a therapist will work with you to learn more about you and identify your reasons for initially turning to crack cocaine. In this safe, confidential environment, you will be free to express your feelings and thoughts about your relationship with crack cocaine. This is also an opportunity to discuss in detail any points from the group therapy sessions.

What support is available following my crack cocaine rehab?

At Oasis Bradford, we understand that recovering from crack cocaine takes time and dedication. Leaving our treatment centre will expose you to the stress of daily life, filled with triggers and temptations and creating a real risk of relapse. This is the reason why we consider aftercare and ongoing support a crucial part of crack cocaine rehab and provide anyone who has completed their treatment with in-house aftercare sessions. Any of your concerns can be discussed here, where you will find solution-focused therapy and guidance.

You will also become part of our Alumni Network, where message chats and phone calls can help you in difficult moments and you will be welcomed to regular social events, where a sober peer network can support you through the crack cocaine recovery journey.

What should I do next?

Crack cocaine rehab can help you overcome your dependency on crack and lay the foundations for a new life. If you or a loved one is concerned about your relationship with crack cocaine, it is better to act as soon as possible.

Contact Oasis Bradford’s admissions team to learn more about our crack cocaine rehab programme and start your recovery journey today.