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Oasis Recovery Communities Addiction Treatment Programmes

Medical detox
We provide a medically managed detox for all types of substance dependencies, including Alcohol, Heroin and Prescription Drugs. We can also manage more complex detoxes within our clinic. You will receive 24/7 care and support from medical staff, nurses, key workers and support workers throughout your stay.
Personalised plan
Each client will receive a personalised plan of care at the beginning of their stay, developed and agreed with their assigned key worker. Their progress will be frequently reviewed in one to ones with their keyworker
Enhanced levels of care
Our detox clinic ensures our clients health and safety at all times. We have waking medical and support staff available who frequently check on our clients to ensure they are coping with their detox. Throughout the day, clients will see the medical team every time they are due medication; their general well being and blood pressure will also be checked each time.
Therapeutic Model’s
Our staff often arrange challenges and games to keep clients engaged, occupied and to encourage unity amongst peers. This can include quizzes, challenges and therapeutic duties. This also takes the focus away from their detox and helps to keep them motivated and in good spirits
Healthy eating
Clients are provided with three delicious and nutritious meals a day, freshly prepared by our full time qualified chef. We are able to accommodate those with mild to moderate eating disorders, personal preferences and religious and spiritual beliefs. Our chef ensures that all meals are cooked from fresh ingredients and provides a varied and mouth-watering menu to encourage our clients to start eating properly and regularly again.
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Call Now 0203 733 5467

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The price of not getting help

Can you really afford not to get help? Addiction is a fatal disease that often takes lives. Here at Oasis Recovery we help you or your loved ones into long term recovery.

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Call Now 0203 733 5467

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Oasis centre
Our Level of Care at Oasis Rocovery Communities
Levels of care

Below is the process our clients go through:

  • IMD inpatient full medically managed detox
  • RT residential treatment
  • IR arrangement and transportation on to inpatient rehabilitation
  • SC arrangement and transportation on to secondary care
  • TC Referral on to 3rd stage housing referrals
  • 24/7 Nursing and medical care

Call us or write to us for full information about our treatment services and available programmes.

Don’t waste another day on addiction

Can you really afford not to get help, addiction is a fatal disease that often takes lives. Here at Oasis Recovery we help you or your loved ones into long term recovery.

Call Now 0203 733 5467
Call Now 0203 733 5467

Call Now 0203 733 5467

Free Callback Service

We offer a free callback service 24/7. Simply enter your number below and one of our addiction counsellors will call you back shortly

Fitness Programme
Family Programme
Drug Detox
Alcohol Detox
Therapy Types at Oasis

We work in a holistic way here and we offer multiple modalities to try and get clients involved and working on their own recovery.

Trauma therapy

Many patients suffering from addiction have untreated trauma from their past. If left untreated this can prove to be a stumbling block in their future on going recovery. We start the process of unearthing and addressing the issues underpinning each individual’s addiction. Treating Trauma through therapy aids long-term recovery by treating the core issues and not just symptoms.


Meditation helps the mind to focus inwardly and stay in the present. It is a powerful tool in connecting the individual to their true authentic self and to find inner peace and tranquility. Via this method, our patients also balance out their breathing;  it has also been proven to aid in the detoxification process and in treating anxiety and depression.


During their stay, our patients will benefit from Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, delivered by our exemplary team of qualified staff. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is a progressive treatment for addiction and a number mental health issues.

12 Step

We believe in the proven and powerful healing effects of 12-step therapy. All individuals suffering from addiction can benefit from elements of the 12 step programme at Bradford Oasis

Music Therapy

Finding a way to communicate with the world is important when healing from addiction. Not everyone responds to more conventional methods. Our team of skilled specialists will help each patient to individually express themselves and discover the healing power of music.

Start The Admissions Process Now

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Strict client confidentiality policy is in place.

Lifetime support

On completing treatment we offer lifetime support for your recovery.

Don’t waste another day on addiction
Call Now 0203 733 5467
Call Now 0203 733 5467

Call Now 0203 733 5467

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