UKAT’s Alumni Network

If you are worried that sobriety means you will lose your social life or are nervous about facing post-rehab recovery alone, then the UKAT Alumni Network is proud to be of service!

As part of UKAT’s aftercare programme, the Alumni Network provides continued support for individuals in recovery, helping them to stay connected with others and receive the guidance they need to maintain their sobriety.


UKAT Alumni

What is the UKAT Alumni?

UKAT Alumni is a support network for everyone who has completed their rehab treatment at a UKAT recovery centre such as Oasis Bradford. It’s a safe and welcoming community where you can make lifelong friendships and relationships, share successes and experiences and receive invaluable support on your recovery journey. Originally launched in 2017, the UKAT Alumni Network now has over 1,000 Alumni members, with more joining every day!

The benefits of UKAT’s Alumni Programme

We believe that the opposite of addiction is connection, and our Alumni Programme is designed to provide ongoing recovery support and ensure that nobody is left alone to struggle. While aftercare is an essential part of rehab treatment and we are proud to offer all our clients free weekly group therapy for a year, our Alumni Network goes beyond this, offering a support community for life. The benefits of joining our Alumni Programme include:

Connection to others

UKAT Alumni is one of the largest recovery groups in the UK and offers a platform for you to meet and connect with others in recovery. Our Alumni Network even has private Facebook groups which are safe and secure platforms for you to discuss any progress or setbacks with people who understand what you are going through.

Reduced risk of relapse

UKAT Alumni will also help you deal with cravings during difficult moments, learn effective coping mechanisms from other members and provide willing listeners when things get hard. All of this can greatly reduce your chances of relapse and reinforce what you learned from the different therapies in your rehab programme.

Sustained commitment to recovery

The UKAT Alumni community also provides continued support and accountability for individuals in recovery. It can be easy to slip back into old habits after leaving rehab, especially when returning to your everyday environment and social group, but UKAT Alumni will be a daily reminder, through podcasts newsletter and calls, to stay sober from addiction and make an ongoing commitment to recovery.

UKAT Alumni events

As well as the invaluable support and resources provided by UKAT Alumni, it is also a great way to have some fun! UKAT Alumni organises events throughout the year including Christmas parties, dinners, adventure days out, summer BBQs and guest speakers. These events are a fantastic way to meet up with old friends from rehab, connect with new people from other UKAT recovery centres and just have a great time. They offer an opportunity to celebrate recovery and have fun in a sober environment.

How to join the UKAT Alumni

UKAT Alumni is free and open to everyone who completes rehab at a UKAT recovery centre. It doesn’t matter whether you stay for a week or three months; our UKAT Alumni Network is ready to welcome you with open arms!

Contact Oasis Bradford today to find out more about how our Alumni Programme can help you maintain recovery and meet some incredible people. All our members look forward to meeting you online and at our events!


Alumni community

Frequently asked questions

How much is the Alumni Network membership fee?
Membership of UKAT Alumni is free for life for everyone who has undergone addiction treatment at any UKAT recovery centre.
Do I have to join the UKAT Alumni Programme?
While nobody will force you to join after rehab, the UKAT Alumni Programme can be a hugely powerful tool in helping to prevent relapse, stay connected to others and enjoy your life in recovery. That is why we recommend all UKAT clients join up.