Alcohol and drug rehab in Glossop


Alcohol and drug addiction rate near Glossop, Derbyshire

There has been an increase in alcohol-related hospitalisations in Derby in the past few years. Deaths due to excessive drinking rose to more than 20% across the UK. In Derbyshire, the PHE (Public Health England) reported more than 110 people dying from alcohol consumption among the 6,985 who died across the UK. With stress becoming a lifestyle problem, more people are opting for alcohol to cope with rising stress and anxiety. Similarly, drug misuse has also been on the rise. The example of a 39-year-old man from Derbyshire losing a 10-year battle with drugs goes to show how drug misuse can ruin your life.

Alcohol and drug addiction affects health, relationships, and career. Rehabilitation helps individuals identify triggers and make better choices. Glossop, Derbyshire residents with loved ones struggling with addiction can find a solution with us.

Why choose Oasis Bradford for drug and alcohol rehabilitation near Glossop

The UK Addiction Treatment Centre (UKAT) offers exceptional addiction treatment services across the country. Please check out our clinics on the pages below:

Oasis Bradford is located in the peaceful industrial estate of Bradford in West Yorkshire. It is about 33.1 miles from Glossop and it takes around an hour and five minutes of travel time to reach the clinic.

Our team of highly experienced doctors, nurses and therapists understand that addiction is an illness, as many have overcome addiction themselves. They provide medically managed detox and constant monitoring to help our clients recover from addiction and achieve long-term sobriety.

Oasis Bradford is a disabled-friendly unit, where we treat all types of addiction. Our therapists provide 24×7 support, care and motivation essential for recovery during this challenging phase.

Some special features of Oasis Bradford are:

  • 19 tastefully decorated bedrooms with ensuite facilities
  • SPA baths in private rooms
  • Yoga and guided meditation therapy
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • 1-year free aftercare on completion of treatment

Pictures of Oasis Bradford facilities

Oasis Bradford has created a safe and secure environment with facilities that promise comfort and the best experience for our clients. Here are pictures of what we have to offer to your loved ones at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation near Glossop:

Oasis Bradford picture 4

Oasis Bradford picture 5

Oasis Bradford picture 6

Treatment options in Oasis Bradford near Glossop

Our experienced addiction specialists provide medically managed detox for different types of addictions. These include alcohol addiction, substance addiction (heroin, cocaine, cannabis, prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications), behavioural addictions (eating disorders, gambling addiction, internet addiction and sex and love addiction) and dual diagnosis (anxiety disorder, depression and codependency).

The treatment plan includes:

  • Medical detox
  • 12-step therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Group therapy
  • One-to-one therapy
  • Family recovery programme
  • Meditation
  • Mindful fitness
  • Food and nutrition

What do people have to say about Oasis Bradford near Glossop?

Oasis Bradford alcohol and drug rehabilitation near Glossop provides medical treatment as well as support and guidance to people with different types of challenges. Our excellent treatment plans and affordable therapies help people look forward to a better tomorrow. Let’s see what our clients have to say about Oasis Bradford.

“Glad I came into treatment because my memory was starting to fail and I was physically deteriorating. Staff are very professional and courteous, always able to help and always got back to you with an answer. Enjoyed the group sessions, felt at ease and was able to up.”—Philip


“It’s been brilliant the staff have been very supportive and professional. I would definitely recommend anyone to attend Oasis Bradford.”—J.W.


“Really a big help and very professional and no complaints about anything. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”—K.S.


Free addiction support groups in Glossop

If you find private rehabilitation services inaccessible or unsuitable for your needs, you can seek support from free addiction support groups and meetings. Check out these free meetings and support groups in and near Glossop:

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings in and near Glossop

Glossop Discussion

The Bureau, Bank House, 22 Henry St


SK13 8BW
Time: 19:45 (Thursday)


Zion Chapel, 1 Peel Street


SK14 5PE

Time: 19:30 (Tuesday)

Stalybridge Lunch

Stalybridge Methodist Church, High St


SK15 1TP
Time: 12:30 (Wednesday)

NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings in and near Glossop


Upstairs, Zink HQ, Clough Street

Buxton, Derbyshire

SK17 6LJ


18:00 (Tuesday)

CA (Cocaine Anonymous) meetings in or near Glossop

Hyde CGL CA meeting

CGL – 1st Floor

Haughton, Thornley Med Centre

Thornley St


SK14 1JY

Time: 19:00 (Friday)

Cocaine Anonymous Big Book Study

St Thomas the Apostle

396 Wellington Rd N


Time: 19:30 (Monday)

We can Recover

St Thomas the Apostle

396 Wellington Rd N



Time: 19:30 (Wednesday)

Travelling to Oasis Bradford from Glossop

Glossop is a market town in the borough of High Peak in Derbyshire. It is located on the border of Derbyshire and is near West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire. The town is known for Manor Park and Howard Park, which have been given the Green Flag Award.

The Glossop Railway Station, the Glossop bus services and the A57 main road make it easy for residents of Glossop to travel to neighbouring towns and cities.

You can travel from Glossop to Oasis Bradford by train, taxi or private vehicle. Here’s how:

By Rail…

While there are no direct trains from Glossop to Bradford, there are trains that depart from Glossop and arrive at Bradford via Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria. It takes approximately two hours and 42 minutes to travel the distance of 33 miles.

By Road…

The fastest and most cost-efficient way to travel from Glossop to Bradford is by taxi or private vehicle. It takes about 50 minutes to drive down to Bradford from Glossop via M60 and M62.

Find a rehabilitation centre near Glossop

Recovering from alcohol and substance addiction requires medical help, emotional support and constant monitoring of the individual. If your family members or friends are struggling with addiction, contact us at your earliest via our Free Callback Service. Get Help Now!