Finding Local Alcohol And Drug Rehab Treatment In Denbighshire

Substance abuse and addiction are illnesses that you should never take lightly. This is because continuing with an untreated addiction can lead to severe damage to not just your physical and mental health, but it can also negatively impact your loved ones, as well as your future.

Our Bradford clinic excels in comprehensive addiction treatment to people living in Denbigh, Corwen, Llangollen, or any other part of Denbighshire. This service is available to people of all ages, regardless of the sort of addiction they may be suffering from.

If you are compulsively abusing alcohol, prescription medication, or illegal drugs, and experiencing withdrawal symptoms, it is best that you seek addiction treatment as soon as possible. This is because every day that the addiction goes untreated, the condition only worsens. Fortunately, there are a number of addiction facilities around Denbighshire that can help you, including our private rehab at Oasis Bradford in Yorkshire and our sister centre Oasis Runcorn in Cheshire.

Services our Rehab Offers

Oasis Bradford is a fully equipped addiction treatment centre with a highly trained staff of compassionate addiction specialists. We offer a variety of excellent detox, rehab, and support services. Some of the addictions we commonly help patients with include benzodiazepine addiction, alcohol addiction, cannabis addiction, cocaine addiction, codeine addiction, and addiction to illegal drugs.

Oasis Runcorn is our low-cost rehab option in Runcorn, Cheshire. Here we offer 100% CQC-rated detoxification and rehab at a fraction of the cost of other leading rehabs. From as little as £834 per week, you can be detoxed and rehabilitated for any alcohol and drug addiction. The intense therapy model here is fast becoming world renowned for treating the hardened addict and those who have given up all hope of recovery

By seeking addiction treatment at our professional facility, you can expect to experience the following benefits:

  • Personalised drug and alcohol treatment
  • 1 year free aftercare
  • 24/7 professional care and service
  • A safe and secure environment
  • Care from experienced staff
  • Convenience and comfort
  • Immediate admission

By road, Oasis Rehab Bradford is 107 miles from Denbighshire. It is about a two-hour drive via the M62 going through Warrington, Rochdale, and Huddersfield.

For your convenience, we can provide a convenient transportation service to take you from Denbighshire to our facility, and back again after treatment. This service is available regardless of what part of Denbighshire you live in

Call us today to begin your addiction treatment.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

Private rehab comes with many advantages over other treatment routes and options such as the NHS, charities and free community programmes.

These advantages include:

  • Around-the-clock Speedy admission in cases of emergency
  • Quick access to health professionals and therapists
  • Detoxification and rehabilitation with 24/7 care and support
  • Personalised treatment programmes
  • Arrangement for family support and therapy
  • Flexible treatment options, which include inpatient and outpatient care
  • 1 yr free aftercare programmes
  • Integration of other therapeutic activities – such as music and art therapy

Cons of private rehab

Cost – which should be weighed up against long-term health deterioration and financial oblivion

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Denbighshire?

Addiction counselling 10 sessions for £1,000
10 day detox with therapy £3,500
14 day detox, rehab and therapy £4,950
28 day detox, rehab & therapy £9,000

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Denbighshire

People who can’t afford to personally finance addiction treatment in a private rehab can explore the option of free NHS addiction treatment options. Regardless of if you live in Prestatyn, Rhuddlan, or any other part of Denbighshire, this option is available in your local community.

But NHS addiction treatment options have the downside of a waiting list. That is, you usually have to wait for an unknown period of time before the treatment you need will be provided. The length of the waiting list is usually determined by the level of demand for NHS addiction services in your area at the time.

Addiction Support Groups in Denbighshire

There are a number of addiction support groups in and around Denbighshire. These groups are very useful for providing support and information to guide you towards attaining and maintaining long term sobriety, as well as other benefits.

Popular support groups in the area include:

Spider Project is a health and well-being recovery project, that supports people recovering from substance misuse.
Families Anonymous Liverpool provides an avenue in which recovering addicts can share their stories without fear of judgement.

NA meetings in/near Denbighshire

There are a number of Narcotics Anonymous meetings held in and around Denbighshire, on different days of the week. These meetings are meant to help people struggling with drug addiction.

Find a meeting near you:

Monday lunchtime meeting
Classroom, Penrhyn House,
Llandegai Road, Bangor, Gwynedd County
Mondays at 12:00 pm

Trinity Methodist Church
Whitby Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire
Wednesdays at 7:30 pm

Lost Dreams Awaken
St Mary’s Catholic Church,
119 Wellington Road, Rhyl, Clwyd
Tuesdays at 7:30 pm

AA meetings in/near Denbighshire

Alcoholics Anonymous is a group that promotes complete abstinence from alcohol and there are regular meetings in and around Denbighshire.

Find your local meeting

Denbigh Wednesday
The Day Centre, Denbighshire Infirmary, Ruthin Rd.
Wednesdays at 8.00 pm

Rhyl St Marys Thursday
St Mary’s Church House, 119 Wellington Rd.
Thursdays at 7.00 pm

Rhyl Sunday
St Mary’s Church House, 119 Wellington Rd.
Sundays at 7.00 pm

Addiction Counselling in/near Denbighshire

Denbighshire has several active addiction counselling organisations and rehabs. Addiction counselling is especially useful for people who are committed to quitting their abuse of drugs, and would like to achieve long term sobriety.

Oasis Bradford Bradford,Yorkshire Telephone 0203 733 4195

Oasis Runcorn Runcorn, Cheshire Telephone 0203 131 5938

R A S A S C North Wales, Caernarfon, UK. Telephone +44 1248 670628

Local Government Addiction Resources in Denbighshire

The CAIS Programme in Denbigshire runs two drug and alcohol addiction recovery projects of varying scopes. The OFA Project is for people aged 25 and over with an alcohol addiction who are also facing possible eviction or currently dealing with homelessness. The general Denbighshire Drug and Alcohol Project is for people aged 25 and over with an addiction. The targets can be supported for up to 12 months in treatment.

How Can I Get To and From Denbighshire?

Denbighshire is a county in north-east Wales. From the county, you have easy access to the national motorway network. The area is well served by main roads, such as the A5 London to Holyhead route, and the A55 Expressway.

If you are looking to get to Oasis Rehab in Bradford, there are a variety of transportation options at your disposal, including driving or taking the train.

By driving

If driving, you can take the M62 or M56 to Bradford. The M62 offers the fastest route, and you can proceed to Bradford by taking N Wales Expy/A55 and A494 to M56 in Cheshire West and Chester. Then proceed on the M56 before taking the M62 to Chase Way/A6177 in Bradford. Continue on the A6177 then take Parkway, Bowling Park Dr., and Hall Ln to Bolling Rd, your destination

By rail

A great rail network goes through Denbighshire, with links from Holyhead, Chester, London, and Manchester. To get to Bradford, you can take an Arriva Train Wales train from Rhyl to Newton-le-Willow. From here, take a Transpennine Express train to Manchester Victoria. From Manchester Victoria, you can find a train at the Bradford Interchange from where Oasis Rehab is a mere walking distance.