Alcohol and drug rehab in Wombwell


Why are Rehabilitation Clinics Significant Near Wombwell, South Yorkshire?

The menace posed by drugs has grown considerably in Wombwell, Barnsley. Deaths related to drugs in Barnsley grew from 4 in 2018 to 23 in 2019. This is not all! On December 6, 2022, a Cannabis factory worth 1 million pounds was seized by the police in Wombwell.

The government and police have launched stringent measures to curb these activities in Wombwell and rehabilitation facilities in and around the area are helping bring back people from the shackles of drug abuse. Residential rehab clinics near Wombwell are doing a great job of helping people recover from addiction issues and regain control of their lives.

Removing the toxic environment from their immediate surroundings helps individuals battling addiction recover faster. Hence, rehabs away from their residential locality are the best options. If you are looking for a rehabilitation facility near Wombwell, you are at the right place!

Why Choose Oasis Bradford for Drug and Alcohol Rehab near Wombwell, South Yorkshire?

The United Kingdom Addiction Treatment (UKAT) runs numerous clinics throughout the UK for alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Check them out to learn more about their features and facilities: Banbury Lodge, Liberty House, Oasis Runcorn, Recovery Lighthouse, Primrose Lodge, Linwood House, and Sanctuary Lodge.

Oasis Bradford clinic is the best option for people looking for rehabilitation facilities near Wombwell. This centre is well-connected to Wombwell and, at the same time, is set up in a quiet, secluded location to avoid possible stressors for the patients.

Our expert team of doctors, nurses, support staff, and admin staff are stationed in-house to help the patients 24/7 and are capable of managing complex detoxes in-house. Our doctors perform a personal diagnosis on the patients and prescribe a bespoke treatment plan suiting their individual needs. This clinic near Wombwell, Barnsley, is equipped with modern facilities to make the patients comfortable and keep them safe and secure.

Here is a list of modern features available at Oasis Bradford Rehab Clinic near Wombwell:

  • 24/7 personal care
  • Ensuite bedrooms
  • Comfortable outdoor space
  • Acupuncture and spa facilities
  • Yoga and meditation space
  • Well-balanced, nutritious meals

Pictures of Oasis Bradford Rehab Centre near Wombwell

Take a look at the following pictures to get an idea about the services offered at this rehab facility near Wombwell:

Oasis Bradford picture 4

Oasis Bradford picture 5

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Treatment Options at Oasis Bradford Rehabilitation Facility Near Wombwell, South Yorkshire

Oasis Bradford near Wombwell is known for successfully managing complex detoxes in-house, with 24/7 attention and nursing for patients. 

We treat:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Prescription drug addiction

We also have specialised doctors who can treat behavioural addiction issues like eating disorders, gambling addiction, internet addiction, etc. Our clinic has all the facilities for treatment and rehabilitation in-house.

After detox, our therapists execute a tailor-made rehabilitation programme based on individual requirements. They follow proven techniques and therapies aimed at the holistic development of the body, mind, and spirit. Some therapies include:

  • 12-step programme
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
  • One-to-one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Family recovery programme
  • Meditation
  • Mindful fitness

We also offer one-year free aftercare services to help to remain sober. You can interact with our support group members who have recovered from addiction and are leading a sober lifestyle. They can provide empathetic support to you and your loved ones.

Reviews of Oasis Bradford Rehab Clinic near Wombwell, South Yorkshire

People suffering from addiction from all walks of life in and around Wombwell come to us, and we have successfully helped many of them. Read our alumni testimonials to know about the reason for our success:

“Good groups, staff deliver them well and manage the centre well all clients get on as well as can be expected.” – Chris


“I feel I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve” – Jamie


“After an initial period of trepidation , fear of the unknown, I settled in very quickly. The staff have been incredibly supportive, the group sessions were the great surprise because they helped so much, I would encourage everyone to engage with as many as possible. For me this experience has been truly life saving.” – AM


Free Addiction Treatment Services/Support Groups Available in Wombwell, South Yorkshire

Many free addiction treatment services and support groups are available in Wombwell. People who cannot afford private residential clinics can definitely get help from these free groups in Wombwell.

Here are some free Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous conducted in Wombwell.

AA Meetings in Wombwell

Wath Big Boo

All Saint’s Church, Church St,

Wath Upon Dearne S63 7RF

Timing: Thursday, 7 pm

Rotherham Wath Step

All Saints Parish Church, Church St,

Wath Upon Dearne S63 7RF

Timing: Monday, 7 pm

Barnsley Big Book Study

Church of the Nazarene, Oxford St S70 4PH

Timing: Sunday, 6.30 pm

NA Meetings in Wombwell

Mclintocks Building

Summer Lane, Barnsley S70 2NZ

Timing: Friday, 2.30 pm

Sheffield Cathedral

Church St, Sheffield S1 1HA

Timing: 11.15 am

Alcohol Abuse Service

44 Sidney St, Sheffield S1 4RH

Timing: Sunday, 11 am

CA Meetings in Wombwell

CA Barnsley Step and Tradition Meeting

Emmanuel Church, Huddersfield Road,

Barnsley S75 1DT

Timing: Tuesday, 7 pm

Wakefield CA – Addicts Helping Addicts

1a Westmorland St, Wakefield WF1 1PJ

Timing: Wednesday, 7 pm

CA Barnsley Back to Basics

Mclintocks building, Summer Ln,

Barnsley S70 2NZ

Travelling to Oasis Bradford Rehab Clinic from Wombwell, South Yorkshire

Wombwell is located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and is known for its stunning attractions, such as RSBP Dearne Valley – Old Moor, Wombwell Woods, The Playhouse Theatre, Britannia Flight Simulator, and Wombwell Operatic Society.

St. Mary’s Church in Wombwell and the Memorial Plaque Attached to the North West Side of Former Town Hall at Junction with High Street are some popular buildings in Wombwell. The Northernmost Chapel and the Southernmost Chapel at the Wombwell cemetery are some architectural marvels of Wombwell.

Wombwell is well-connected to nearby towns and cities. It is 14.5 miles from Sheffield, 7.3 miles from Rotherham, and 39 miles from Manchester. You can travel to Oasis Bradford Rehabilitation Clinic from Wombwell via road and rail.

By Road: The faster route from Wombwell to Oasis Bradford is via M1, which takes approximately 55 minutes to cover 35 miles. Alternatively, you can also travel via A61 and M1. However, the travel time depends on the traffic conditions.

By Train: The fastest train from Wombwell to Bradford leaves Wombwell at 6.51 am and reaches Bradford Interchange at 8.14 am. Reaching the destination via Barnsley and Leeds takes 1 hour and 34 minutes from Wombwell. From Bradford Station, the rehab clinic is only 0.5 miles away.

Find a Rehabilitation Centre near Wombwell, South Yorkshire

Help your loved one on their journey to recovery now! If you are looking for rehab facilities near Wombwell, call 0203 733 5467 or visit the Oasis Bradford website for an appointment. Get help now!