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Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

27 Sep 2019
Overall i would recommened anyone in a similar position to myself to consider oasis as a viable,detox,recovery option. The atmosphere is fruendkey and positive peer interaction is strongly encouraged, non judgemental, highly structured, and a reasonable amount of free tume. It us jot an easy option, will power and dicipline are nesaderry, but support is nearly always available, i would recommened anykne who is considerate.
26 Sep 2019
Meet people who have the same issues as youself, they are all on a level. Your peer groups are there to help and support you. Staff are kind, caring approachable day or night and are non judgemental. It is not a holiday camp, but it is fun, safe secure and comfortable. I would definitely recommend to anyone in the same situation.
15 Sep 2019
The treatment has been fantastic. The staff were second to none including the chef, maintenance, the cleaner, nurses, recovery coach, counsellor and support staff. Even a volunteer I dealt with was fantastic. Thank you very much, I have the tools, I have taken the groups serious and have got as much information as I can. I did my chores, ate my meals when I felt up to it after a few days of feeling ill and kept up to eating then. I got to my medication rounds and attended all groups possible. It has worked and I haven't thought about a drink.
P Diddy
15 Sep 2019
Staff were good, the peers were welcoming and it is a nice place.
15 Sep 2019
It has worked really well. The food has been excellent. I have loved having the company of other people. I would have preferred to get out of the building a bit more as I enjoyed the group outing I did go on.
15 Sep 2019
Five star treatment from five star staff. A very enjoyable experience which if I was asked to stay longer I would have no problem with.
13 Sep 2019
The staff here at Oasis are very friendly and my peers made me feel welcome. I also found it a comfortable environment to be in.
C Peacock
05 Sep 2019
When I first came here I was like a tortoise in a shell but I soon came out of it after a couple of days. First sat talking and then having a laugh and watching films together. It was like a bit of a family. It has taught me to get into a routine and not leave things but to just get on with it. I have been well looked after. I would recommend anyone who has a drug or alcohol problem to come here.
Richard. H
25 Aug 2019
I have enjoyed my time here but would of befitted more if I wasnt sharing a room and if there was less people in the centre.
25 Aug 2019
Thank you very much for the help and support. I really needed the interventions offered.
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