Why Choose Oasis Bradford for Complete Recovery

Oasis detox clinic Bradford is unique in that it specialises in fully medically managed detoxes, with exceptionally high standards of care. We can facilitate all manner of medical detoxes including complex detoxes and those who require a higher intensity of medical care.  Oasis Bradford is ideal for those who need a medically managed detox with 24/7 nursing care before they go on to a full rehabilitation programme; which we can organise to run immediately after detox treatment is completed, at one of our other clinics specialising in rehabilitation from addiction.

It is also suitable for those who have relapsed, but may already be in a recognised recovery programme that they can return to after completing detoxification. Our focus is on our client’s’ physical and mental health and wellbeing. Whilst they are in our care we also work with them to re-inspire them, as many lose hope of ever finding continuous recovery from addiction.

Bradford Oasis detox clinic has a passionate and committed team of experienced addiction treatment nurses, key workers and recovery support worker; many of whom have overcome their own struggles with addiction. This provides us with a unique insight and understanding of addiction, the common causes, and how to overcome them successfully. Our professional clinical team combine their personal experience, training and qualifications to re-inspire our clients, give them hope and set them achievable goals to help move them away from addiction and towards recovery. Clients benefit from a warm and compassionate environment, that is completely non-judgemental. This assists them in building strong and trusting working relationships with our staff and also their peers. Furthermore, we wholeheartedly support our clients through their entire recovery journey with us; assisting them as they transition from active addiction, through detox and supporting them back into successful clean and sober community living.

Most clients will require a comprehensive rehabilitation programme to further secure their ongoing recovery; we have a network of outstanding rehab clinics, ranging from cost effective rehab to luxury rehab throughout the country that we can arrange for their immediate admission on completing their detox with us. All of our rehab and detox centres are CQC commissioned and provide exceptional standards of care and treatment.

Affordable Treatment

The treatment offered by Oasis Bradford detox clinic comes at an extremely competitive price. We are able to provide a full medical detoxification from any mood and mind altering substance including:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Heroin (and recent stronger strains being cut with Heroin in the Midlands and North England area including Fentanyl and Carfentanil )
  • Methadone
  • Cannabis
  • Cocaine
  • Party Drugs
  • Amphetamines
  • Subutex
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Painkillers
  • Opiates
  • Legal Highs
  • Sleeping tablets

We can also facilitate more complex detoxes; where high levels are being used, the individual has suffered complications during previous detoxes that were not fully medically managed, and those that are dependent on more than one substance.

If you would like more information on our detoxes and how we can help, please call us direct.

Expert addiction detoxification

We pride ourselves on offering the very best of care to our clients, ranging from detox, through referral and transfer to rehabilitation and back into community living. We also offer all clients that complete treatment with us 1 year complimentary aftercare.

Oasis Bradford also supports clients with co-occurring disorders including mental health and eating disorders. With drugs, alcohol and other addictions being a symptom of the problem, the staff at Oasis are well trained in helping clients deal with a range of issues. Supporting clients with such illnesses as anxiety, trauma, depression, cross addiction and mental health is common practice. The team work intensively with clients to provide them with the tools to grow in confidence and to continue their recovery from addiction. We show them exactly the next steps that they need to take in order to do this and work closely with a network of professionals that we can refer on to.

Oasis Bradford is a safe and secure environment where clients are able to safely detox with the continued support of our medical team and highly skilled and dedicated support staff. We also offer a structured day programme that includes group process, key worker one to ones, house meetings, and staff assisted walks and a wealth of psychosocial and educational workshops. Holistic therapies are also provided as per patient’s request.


Oasis Bradford detox clinic is situated on a quiet industrial estate, away from town and temptation. It is further secured by gated access and the doors can only be opened by staff and on their approval. We specialise in managing medical detoxes, so recognise that our patients are particularly vulnerable during this period; we do our upmost to keep them safe and secure at all times of day and night. The clinic is easily accessible by car, train or bus.

24/7 medical and nursing care

At our clinic we provide high levels of medical support from our trained nursing team who will assess patients several times a day at the beginning of their detox and continue to assess until completion. Nurses are on duty 24/7 affording high levels of care and monitoring within our residential detox clinic.

Oasis Bradford medically manages clients with the detoxification from Alcohol, Heroin, Opiates, Methadone, Club drugs, designer drugs, Crack, Cocaine, Cannabis and prescription drugs.

Upon admission, our doctor will assess clients in need of a detox, and a medication regime will be written up to assist and support the individual through this process. We will do all we can to make your stay at Oasis Bradford is as comfortable as possible. Client’s vital statistics such a blood pressure etc. is monitored throughout the day to watch closely for any changes in their physical wellbeing.

Personalised care plan

Each patient admitting to our detox unit is assigned a personal key worker, who will work with them to develop a care plan and set of realistic and achievable goals whilst in treatment with us. This will be reviewed throughout their stay and one to one key work sessions can be requested at any time.


Complimentary aftercare is available to all those that successfully graduate from treatment, for the period of 12 months. Sessions are held on a weekly basis in order to further support their recovery journey in a compassionate way, focussing on the long-term solution, of recovery back in the community and beyond treatment.

Upon leaving rehab, clients can receive assistance in maintaining their sobriety or clean time through the aftercare process, and are strongly advised to undertake their personalised discharge plan developed by our staff. We also encourage clients to further secure their recovery by addressing the underlying causes of their addiction through admission to rehab for a comprehensive and personalised rehabilitation programme. Detox is only the very start of the journey; it is imperative that this is followed up by rehabilitation. We can arrange this for them whilst they are with us so that they can have a seamless transfer to one of our many outstanding rehab clinics throughout the UK.

Aftercare assists in the transition from addictive addiction to dealing with life on life’s terms, and allows for continued personal growth.

Referral to Sober Living / Tertiary care

For many years, we have been referring our clients to a network of sober living communities, throughout the UK. We boast established and successful relationships with providers, to assist clients in relocating or building upon their foundation of recovery. We provide each individual with a support plan, designed to help them maintain good general health, preserve abstinence, build on their therapeutic experience, enjoy worthwhile social outlets and move towards full reintegration into the community.

More reasons to choose us:

  • 24/7 support and care from a medical team and experienced keyworkers and support workers
  • A caring, nurturing and very secure environment
  • Established and Care Quality Commissioned since 2009
  • Holistic therapies available including a spa bath, auricular acupuncture and massage
  • Solely dedicated to the medical detoxification process
  • You will leave our clinic fully detoxed and restored to physical health
  • Excellent quality of food and nutrition provided to meet with your dietary requirements

If you have any further questions or would like an informal chat regarding your personal circumstances and how we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Call Now 0203 733 5467

Call Now 0203 733 5467

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