There is a common misconception that those affected by drug addiction are all from a specific background or are over a certain age, but this is not the case. In fact, drug addiction is a universal problem that does not have any criteria. Absolutely anyone can allow their use of mood-altering drugs to get out of hand to the point where he or she finds themselves struggling with addiction; and this includes celebrities. It is hard to imagine that celebrities would find themselves in need of help for a drug addiction, particularly because, to the average person, celebs appear to have it all. They have fame and money, so why would they feel the need to turn to drugs? The reality is that there are many reasons these individuals are susceptible to addiction. Before we look at some of the celebrities who beat drug addiction, we will discuss at the reasons they become addicted in the first place.

Why Is There a Link Between Fame and Addiction?

Despite appearing to have it all, many celebrities struggle with their own issues; they are only human after all. These people may be well-known to the public but they will often have the same insecurities that everyone else has. In addition, they often live their lives in the spotlight and must project an outward appearance of perfection. This can place an immense amount of stress on the individual, and many celebs turn to substances such as illegal drugs to help them cope. It is not just illegal drugs that can cause addiction, however. Prescription medication is also addictive and celebrities are just as prone to prescription drug addiction as anyone else who uses these substances is.

There are other reasons celebrities may be prone to addiction, including the fact that some gain a sense of self-importance and then go on to believe that normal rules do not apply to them. The fact that they are treated as stars might make them feel they can get away with more than the ‘normal’ person. Moreover, with extra disposable income, they do not have to worry about funding their habit in the same way that the average person would.

Celebrities Who Managed to Overcome a Drug Addiction

Many celebrities are classed as high-functioning drug addicts in that they manage to get on with their daily life without anyone realising they are in trouble. They can continue to work and appear in public without their secret being discovered, but behind closed doors, they struggle to get by without mood-altering substances. Nevertheless, there are others who have spiralled down a path of destruction because of their drug addiction, and this has all played out in public. Thankfully, many of them have managed to overcome their addictions; below are a few examples:

Robert Downey Jr

robert downey jr beat addiction

Robert Downey Jr admits to being ‘surrounded by drugs’ as a child, due to the fact that his father was a drug addict. At the age of six, he tried cannabis for the first time when his father gave it to him. This set him on the path to addiction, and when he was older he struggled with drug problems that saw him in an out of prison and rehab. Downey Jr’s career took a nosedive during his troubles and he was fired from the television series Ally McBeal after being arrested twice for possession of illegal substances.

Nonetheless, in 2001, he made the decision to put drug abuse behind him for good. He had tried rehab previously and relapsed, but this time he was determined to quit and managed to overcome his addiction. He has now been sober for sixteen years and has since achieved enormous success in his acting career.

Drew Barrymore

drew barrymore beat addiction

Drew Barrymore became a child star when she starred in ET The Extra Terrestrial at the age of seven, but by the age of 13, she had issues with drugs. Her father was an alcoholic, and when her parents split when Drew was nine years old, her mother began taking her to nightclubs up to five times per week. It was here that she started using drugs and cosying up to older men. At the age of thirteen, her mother placed her into a mental institution and when she was fourteen, she became legally separated from her parents and began living on her own in a flat.

Despite Drew’s troubled upbringing and struggles with drugs in her teenage years, she is now clean and sober and a mother to two young daughters. She is living proof that a drug addiction can be overcome no matter how severe.


slash beat addition

Guns ‘n Roses guitar legend Slash battled a crippling drug addiction for more than two decades during the height of the band’s success. He is said to have been a heavy user of cocaine, heroin, and cannabis as well as alcohol and other mood-altering substances. After suffering two almost-fatal overdoses, Slash managed to get his life back on track. At the age of 31, he was suffering with congestive heart failure and doctors attributed this to his many years of drug and alcohol abuse. Although he had been given just weeks to live, he managed to survive when doctors implanted a defibrillator in his body.

Over the years, he tried to quit his drug habit and relapsed numerous times, but after the birth of his two sons, he knew he had to quit for good. In 2006, he managed to get clean with the help of his wife Perla Ferrar.

Eric Clapton

eric clapton beat addiction

Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton struggled with a devastating heroin addiction that began affecting his career. He has admitted to spending around £8,000 every week on heroin when he was at the height of his addiction. When he finally realised that he needed help for his addiction, he entered rehabilitation and managed to get his life back on track. However, although he felt that trying to create music while sober was difficult in the beginning, he stuck with it and released the critically acclaimed Journeyman album that was recorded while he was sober. He is still sober to this day and even after suffering the tragic loss of his 3-year-old son, he remained clean. He works hard to help others overcome their own addictions.

Where to Get Help for Addiction

Living a life in the spotlight can be tough and it can lead many celebrities down the path of addiction. But it is not just celebrities who find themselves struggling with substance abuse and addiction. The one thing to remember is that, like the many celebrities who beat drug addiction, you can too.

With the right help and support, you can turn your life around and overcome this often-deadly illness. The hardest part of the journey is probably going to be admitting to having a problem in the first place. Once this is done though, you can get started on a journey that will inevitably change your life.

Overcoming addiction is never going to be easy, but with a programme that has been designed around your needs, you can look forward to a substance-free life. This is what we do here at Oasis Bradford. We make sure that those who want to beat their addictions get as much help and support as possible.

We create tailored plans of care for our patients that are designed to work with their needs. We use a combination of traditional and holistic methods to help heal the whole person and not just the addiction.

If you would like more information on how we can help you overcome your addiction once and for all, please call us today.