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As part of our holistic programme at Bradford Oasis, patients will have the opportunity to engage in art therapy. Overseen by one of our trained key workers/support workers, creative art provides a powerful medium in which the individual can express him or herself unreservedly. Art materials are available at all times for clients to help themselves to also; as we recognised its therapeutic and calming effects. We offer art therapy as a non-conventional way for our patients to learn how to express and manage their own emotions; it has been proven to be a useful tool in the healing process of those suffering from addiction and co-occurring mood disorders.

Those that suffer from addiction, or a co-occurring disorder such as anxiety, depression or trauma, often struggle to verbalise how they are feeling. Years of suppressed emotions from the abuse of alcohol and drugs, can come flooding to the surface once the detox medication regime comes towards an end. This can often overwhelm the individual, as they experience intense emotions which they may struggle to identify and express. Art therapy is a non-threatening creative treatment methodology that encourages freedom of expression through alternative techniques such as drawing, painting, poetry, clay modelling and collage. It can also be very enjoyable and relaxing and offers the patient the following benefits:

  • Provides inspiration and re-engages the patient’s creativity
  • Allows for freedom of expression through a safe and non-threatening therapeutic medium
  • Is relaxing, calming and enjoyable
  • Fosters a healthy way of managing and expressing emotions
  • Assists the individual patient in identifying and communicating sometimes very difficult or painful feelings
  • Can be continued once back home and away from the treatment environment as a continuation of expression
  • Encourages the individual to open up and talk about what they have created
  • Increases self-esteem and provides a sense of achievement

How Art Therapy Works?

We use art therapy as one of the many cutting edge therapeutic holistic elements of our treatment programme. Art therapy provides our patients with a safe and non-threatening way of exploring their inner most thoughts and feelings.

Art therapy is a very useful communication and expressive medium for the psychological aspect of addiction and its common co-occurring illnesses. Creative art provides patients with an alternative therapy, in which they can freely express themselves and heal. Patients receive support and encouragement from our support workers and their individual key workers. Allowing for expression, reflection and healing, as the art created by the individual patient provides a useful medium for further exploration with our team.

Art Therapy Techniques

At Bradford Oasis, we offer art therapy within a group environment or on an individual basis.

For the full benefits of art therapy, we strongly recommend that each patient goes on to immediately engage in a full rehabilitation programme at one of our other exemplary rehab clinics, situated throughout the UK. We can arrange for this to seamlessly follow on from the completion of the medical detoxification within our detox clinic.

Our rehab centres have fully qualified and experienced art therapists, who will lead each session and use a number of recognised and evidence based techniques to encourage the patient to “talk through expression”. This assists both the individual and the therapist to gain a greater insight and meaning into what is going on for each individual patient.

Our qualified art therapists is proficient in delivering the following evidence based methods at our rehab clinics:

Gestalt Method: The therapist works with each patient to assist them in identifying and expressing their current feelings and experiences and also those related to the past. The artwork produced can also be used a useful platform for a deeper conversation. The patient may talk about the artwork they have produced and what it means to them.

Active Imagination Method: Using creativity through art mediums as a starting point, the patient is encouraged to let his or her mind roam freely and spontaneously without restriction. This opens the door to further discussion with the qualified therapist present and their peers.

Third-hand Method: This method is where the therapist present becomes actively involved in this therapeutic technique to assist the patient in producing a meaningful and expressive piece of work. Whilst the patient is still in control of the overall piece of art produced, this method is helpful to those that struggle with a starting point, or are unsure of how to express what is going on inside of them.

Our Art Therapy Programme

Our rehab clinics offer a number of evidence based, cutting edge addiction and co-occurring mood disorder and mental health illness therapeutic treatments. Part of our rehabilitation programme is to provide various means by which each individual patient can safely explore and relay their feelings without feeling pressured or intimidated. Whatever works best for that individual can then be continued to be used as part of their rehabilitation tool box on their return back home.

We like to keep our programme, fresh, unique and engaging; this means providing alternative mediums for therapy that can also be enjoyed. If you have any questions relating to our art therapy programme, or any other aspect of our treatment, please call and speak with a member of our team today!

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