About The Author
Lee Spinks
Lee Spinks is the Admissions Supervisor for UKAT, overseeing the call process and supporting clients prior to rehab treatment. Convinced that addiction recovery saved his life, Lee began writing and editing for UKAT, utilising over a decade of experience in the field of addiction to offer a unique insight to anyone who would like to learn more about the rehab process. In addition to this, Lee is also a regular guest on UKAT’s recovery podcast ‘SCREAMING ON THE INSIDE’, looking to provide support to anyone who would like to kickstart their recovery journey.
Lee’s personal knowledge of the harsh nature of relapse dates back decades when he fell into a cycle of abusing substances such as cannabis addiction, opiates addiction and alcohol addiction at the age of thirteen. However, he refused to give up, and in 2013, he attended rehab and has been clean ever since.
Lee’s passion for helping others radiates through the patience and understanding he demonstrates when talking to new clients, either over the phone or through his writing. He doesn't underestimate the importance of having a human touch, and his friendly and sincere tone helps put those feeling vulnerable at ease.

"When approaching addiction recovery, don't think you need to stay sober forever to succeed; rather, approach it by learning how to stay sober and comfortable one day at a time." - Lee

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