The Benefits of Good Food and Nutrition

Research evidences that healthy eating supports recovery from addiction and its common co-occurring illnesses. At Oasis Bradford detox centre we provide each patient with an introduction to a healthier lifestyle as part of their physical and mental rehabilitation.

Addiction and its common co-occurring illnesses lead to years of neglect of the body and its basic nutritional needs. Alcoholics and drug users that undergo treatment with us have often reached a point, prior to rehab, where the drink or drug becomes their everything, even their food. This wreaks havoc in their body and leads to nutritional deficiencies, compromised immune system and gastrointestinal problems. They become weak and physically extremely unwell. A healthy body supports the cultivation of a healthy mind; we therefore show our patients how to take care of themselves. This starts with putting the right nutrients in to assist and maintain physical recovery. Physical rehabilitation alongside mental rehabilitation is a must for any addict seeking long-term recovery from active addiction.

Freshly Prepared Meals

All of our meals are prepared daily from fresh ingredients and locally sourced produced by our fully qualified in-house chef, who excels at his job and takes a great deal of pride in the meals he prepares. Our chef takes into account possible nutritional imbalances and accounts for this in our healthy and delicious eating plan. Our Doctor is also likely to prescribe additional vitamins and/or injections to help repair the brain and body, often damaged through active addiction. Our meals are both delicious and nutritious and are designed to support the individual’s physical and mental rehabilitation.

Our food is enjoyed by all of our residents, just because it is balanced and healthy certainly does not mean it is tasteless and boring! By eating healthily, our patients start to look better and feel better; they have more energy and improved concentration and sleep. Our chef is very committed to his role and will cater on a personal level for those suffering from eating disorders or allergies and also those that have religious and personal beliefs and specific dietary needs.

Dietary Requirements

Those with eating disorders will be carefully monitored to ensure they are eating the right amounts and not acting out in their eating disorder.

As well as having a mouth-watering daily menu, patients can help themselves to a varied selection of our snacks and drinks that are available throughout the day and evening. We take nutrition very seriously at Oasis Bradford and will do all we can to ensure that every patient consumes the calories and nutrients required to help restore them to physical health. All of our clients praise our chef for his friendly and approachable demeanour and his dedication to each client’s dietary needs and preferences on a personal level.

Take out Night

Every Saturday night is take out night, to encourage socialising amongst peers. Clients will be able to choose from menus the take out of their choice, many clients look forward to this. Those that do not wish to order can still be prepared a meal by our staff.

If you have any questions relating to our food, your requirements and its preparation please call and speak to a member of our team.

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