Alcohol and drug rehab in Calderdale


What do numbers tell about the dominance of drug and alcohol addiction in and around Calderdale?

According to the West Yorkshire (which includes the Calderdale area) Police, in 2021, they seized more drugs than the nationwide numbers. Data from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities also shows that the drug-related death scenario in the area has worsened off late. Between 2018 and 2020, 46 people died due to drug-related reasons. It is a 28% hike from 2019. 

The recent figures indicate the rate of deaths due to drug misuse in Calderdale is at 7.6 per 100,000 people, putting the town in the 47th position among the 231 districts in England. As many as 877 people died from alcohol-related causes in Yorkshire (47 miles from Calderdale) in 2021.

These numbers indicate the necessity for proper addiction treatment in rehabs near Calderdale. Rehabilitation combined with the right professional treatment is the key to complete recovery. 

Is someone you love struggling with substance abuse? The UK addiction treatment rehab centres near Calderdale offer the right solution for you. We do not just treat addiction. We also support your near and dear ones’ post-rehab journey, where distraction and temptation are everywhere.

Why choose Oasis Bradford for rehabilitation near Calderdale?

UKAT rehab network offers drug and alcohol addiction treatments nationwide through its reputed clinics, including Recovery Lighthouse, Linwood House, Sanctuary Lodge, Banbury Lodge, Oasis Bradford, Liberty House,  Oasis Runcorn, and Primrose Lodge. You can seek rehab services at any of them suitable for your loved one’s therapy.

However, if you are looking for a residential rehab clinic near Calderdale, look no further than Oasis Bradford, West Yorkshire. It is only 8 miles from Calderdale and takes nearly 18 minutes to reach the clinic via A6036. Although pretty close to your hometown, it is a gated property ensuring 100% safety for our clients. Also, we have zero tolerance for substances on the site.

The location offers a direct connection to nature with lots of greenery around. We want our clients to calm down and immerse in their journey from addiction to sobriety. Our evidence-based practices facilitate and fuel the entire healing process at Oasis Bradford near Calderdale.

At Oasis Bradford near Calderdale, our team of passionate, empathetic, and dedicated addiction treatment professionals work beyond their call of duty to ensure our clients are happy and healthy. We wholeheartedly support the residents throughout their transition from active substance addiction to an addiction-free life.

Additionally, our facilities come equipped with the following features:

  • 19 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Private spa for relaxation
  • Upscale in-house facilities
  • 24/7 personalised attention
  • Encouraging environment

Pictures of Oasis Bradford

Are you wondering if you could see some pictures of Oasis Bradford near Calderdale before visiting the clinic personally with your loved one? Here you go!

Oasis Bradford picture 1

Oasis Bradford picture 2

Oasis Bradford picture 3

Treatments we offer at Oasis Bradford near Calderdale

At Oasis Bradford near Calderdale, we offer medically-backed detox and rehabilitation services for different forms of substance dependencies. These include – alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications. We also help your loved ones manage behavioural addictions, such as gambling, eating, sex, love, and the internet.

Our team at At Oasis Bradford near Calderdale understands substance or behavioural addictions almost always do not come alone. These also bring along some co-occurring conditions like stress, depression, and anxiety, to name some. At this rehabilitation clinic near Calderdale, we also make a dual diagnosis.

Let’s take a look at the addiction treatments we offer at Oasis Bradford near Calderdale:

  • Group Therapy
  • One-to-One Therapy
  • Family Recovery Programme
  • Rehab Timetable
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • 12 Step Programme
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation

How much do clients like Oasis Bradford near Calderdale?

We have been dealing with addiction since we opened our rehab clinic near Calderdale. Every time and for every case, we intend to provide comfortable and successful treatment to our clients and have been successfully doing it. Find out what our clients feel about the services at Oasis Bradford near Calderdale:

“My treatment allowed me to achieve the first steps of my recovery and gain a part of my life back, it also allowed me to be myself and not be judged by my peers and feel welcome.” – Jermaine


“It has been alright, staff have been supported. Peers have been alright. I can’t wait to go home and start a fresh.” – Michael


“I can not thank all the staff enough for everything you have all done and how nice you all have been . The way it is all set up I can see why it generally works. Met some good friends and massive support has been offered by everybody. Everybody generally cares about both peers and staff.” – C

Local addiction support groups near Oasis Bradford near Calderdale

If you think private residential rehab near Calderdale is not an option for your loved one – regardless of the reason – but they still need help, the local addiction groups in and around Calderdale might assist you:

Alcoholics Anonymous near Calderdale

Beeston Lenton Abbey Dr Bob 

Sheila Roper Community Centre, 

Tenants Hall Close, Lenton Abbey

Time: Friday, 19:30

Postcode: NG9 2RW

Nottingham Stapleford 

Stapleford Community Centre, 

Cliffe Hill Ave

Time: Tuesday, 19:30

Postcode: NG9 7HD

Nottingham Stapleford 

Stapleford Community Centre, 

Cliffe Hill Avenue

Time: Sunday, 16:00 

Postcode: NG9 7HD

Narcotics Anonymous near Calderdale

Sunday Leeds Group

Recovery Academy

43 Westfield Road

Leeds LS3 1NQ

Time: Sunday, 10:00

Women’s Meeting

5 Ways

Recovery Academy

43 Westfield Road

Leeds LS3 1NQ

Time: Sunday, 17:00 

Leeds Civic Hall JFT NA

Leeds Civic Hall

Calverley Street

Leeds LS1 1UR

Time: Monday, 18:00 

Cocaine Anonymous near Calderdale

Leeds Cocaine And All Other Drugs

Cottingley Community Centre

115 Cottingley Approach

Leeds LS11 0HJ

Time: Monday, 19:30

We Can Recover

Little London Community Centre

Oatland Ln

Carlton Gardens


Leeds LS7 1HF

Time: Wednesday, 19:15

Cocaine Anonymous

Parish Centre, St Mary’s Church

Church Ln


Leeds LS25 1NR

Time: Friday, 20:30

Travelling to Oasis Brandford from Calderdale

Calderdale is a metropolitan borough in West Yorkshire. It is named after the Calder River that flows through it. With excellent connectivity to the other parts of the county, there are a variety of things to do in town, from museums and art galleries to beautiful countryside views. Here is how to reach Oasis Bradford from Calderdale:

By road…

To reach Oasis Bradford from Calderdale in the shortest possible time, you take the A6036 motorway. It covers around 7.9 miles in just 17 minutes.

Via train…

When planning to visit Oasis Bradford via train, you can take a train from Sowerby Bridge (7 minutes from Calderdale). The journey from Sowerby Bridge to Bradford Interchange takes around 21 minutes. Every day, 33 trains run between the two stations. If you wish to catch the first train, arrive at the station before 04:51. The last train arrives at 00:05.

Finding a rehab facility near Calderdale

Is addiction affecting your loved one’s life? Rehabilitation and alcohol addiction treatment is easy with the right kind of support. Act now! Connect with us to Get Help Now!