Alcohol and drug rehab in Clitheroe


The Prevailing Scenario of Substance Addiction in and around Clitheroe

A heroin overdose took the life of a 33-year-old man from Peel Street, Clitheroe, in September 2022. It is just one case. The bigger picture is even more alarming. Let’s take a closer look at how harrowing the substance addiction numbers in and around Clitheroe are!

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 174 drug poisoning-related deaths were recorded in Lancashire (the county that houses Clitheroe) in 2021. 

The data from Lancashire County Council showed 8,820 alcohol-specific hospitalisations between 2020 and 2021 in Lancashire-12, making the Directly Standardised Rate (DSR) of area 729 (higher than that of England, i.e., 587). Lancashire-12 reported 565 alcohol-related deaths in 2020.

Owing to the startling drug and alcohol-related deaths and hospitalisations in and around Clitheroe, rehabilitation services are the need of the hour. Do you have a friend or family who uses drugs or alcohol and addiction is impacting their physical, mental, and social standing? Make sure to register them with a reliable rehab clinic near Clitheroe, Lancashire.

UKAT rehab centres near Clitheroe offer inpatient detox and rehab services in line with the standard industry practices. We follow a holistic approach to design patient-centric and effective treatment and care plans that promise excellent outcomes. With us, your loved ones will be understood and accepted from day one, which we believe is the first thing they need on their road to recovery.

What Makes Oasis Bradford an Ideal Rehab Clinic near Clitheroe?

UKAT has a network of reputed rehab clinics all over the country. You can choose any of these for your loved one’s treatment: Liberty House, Banbury Lodge, Oasis Runcorn, Recovery Lighthouse, Linwood House, Primrose Lodge and Sanctuary Lodge.

We believe that when choosing a suitable rehab clinic for a near and dear one, you should better select one at a distance from your hometown. If you live in Clitheroe, pick a rehab centre near Clitheroe. It distances the person needing addiction treatment from access to alcohol and drugs. Also, staying away from the routine for a while gives them time to relax. 

So, for people looking for a rehab facility near Clitheroe, Oasis Bradford is the right place to be.

This rehab near Clitheroe, Lancashire, is close to greenery and the serenity of nature. Such an ambience helps our clients take a sigh of relief from addiction and unwind amid the healing aura of nature. Most importantly, our proactive and compassionate team at the rehab is available for your loved one 24/7. With expertise in treating addiction powered by state-of-the-art facilities at Oasis Bradford near Clitheroe, Lancashire, we ensure long-lasting abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Do you need more reasons to admit your friend or family to Oasis Bradford near Clitheroe? Take a look at the following services offered here:

  • 19 ensuite bedrooms
  • Single occupancy
  • Inhouse spa
  • High-quality and wholesome means
  • Various in-house amenities
  • 24/7 personalised attention
  • Cheerful environment

Pictures of Oasis Bradford

We ensure a comfortable and safe stay at Oasis Bradford near Clitheroe, Lancashire, in a peaceful atmosphere. Let’s take a look at the photos of our rehab unit:

Oasis Bradford picture 1

Oasis Bradford picture 2

Oasis Bradford picture 3

What Conditions Do We Treat at Oasis Bradford near Clitheroe, Lancashire?

At Oasis Bradford near Clitheroe, Lancashire, we know that just like any other health condition, the one-treatment-for-all approach does not work with addiction. Therefore, we evaluate our clients individually and suggest a suitable rehab programme to address their needs. 

With years of experience treating addiction, our team handles various addictions, including alcohol, drugs, and behavioural disorders, at our rehab clinic near Clitheroe. Additionally, if your loved one is facing issues like stress, anxiety, and depression as a result of their addiction, we also treat that. So, at Oasis Bradford near Clitheroe, we promise all-encompassing care.

Let’s take you through the list of treatment options we offer at Oasis Bradford near Clitheroe:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • Rehab Timetable
  • 12 Step Programme
  • One-to-One Therapy
  • Family Recovery Programme
  • Group Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Mindful Fitness and Meditation

Oasis Bradford near Clitheroe: We Love to Hear from Our Clients

At Oasis Bradford near Clitheroe, Lancashire, we believe our success holds the testimony of our comprehensive and effective rehab treatment programmes. Here are some precious client reviews about our rehab clinic near Clitheroe. Read on!

“All great, wonderful staff and the routine is great. Would recommend anyone to come to Oasis Bradford.” – SH


“This has helped me build my confidence back up , I have become alcohol free within 10 days. Staff are brilliant and peers are very supportive.” – Chris Field


“My experience at Oasis Bradford was excellent. The staff were very caring and helpful. It has been my first step to a long road of recovery. I would recommend Oasis Bradford to anyone that needs the help that I needed.” – Meg


Local Addiction Support Groups near Clitheroe, Lancashire

If you do not want to register your loved one with a private residential rehab facility near Clitheroe, it is alright. You have local addiction support groups in your town. These non-profit groups offer free-of-cost addiction services:

Alcoholics Anonymous near Clitheroe


St James Church, St James St

Time: Thursday, 20:00

Postcode: BB7 1HH


Whalley Village Hall, Accrington Rd, Whalley

Time: Friday, 19:45

Postcode: BB7 9TD

Accrington Living Sober 

Clayton Baptist Church, Sparth Rd, 


Time: Wednesday, 19:30 

Postcode: BB5 5PZ

Narcotics Anonymous near Clitheroe

Accrington Sunday Afternoon

Accrington Community Learning Centre

Nelson Street




Time: Sunday, 12:00

Burnley Sunday night meeting

Church on the street

1 Bethesda Street



BB11 1PR

Time: Sunday, 19:00 

Northern Souls

Main Hall

Holy Souls Presbytery

Whalley New Road




Time: Sunday, 19:15

Cocaine Anonymous near Clitheroe

Chorley CA

The Gateway

Friday St

Chorley PR6 0AA

UK Lancashire

Time: Monday, 19:30

Preston CA

Ashton Methodist Church

Wellington Rd


Preston PR2 1BU

UK Lancashire

Time: Wednesday, 19:30

Cocaine Anonymous Blackburn

Community Hub CVS

35 Railway Rd

Blackburn BB1 5AX

UK Lancashire

Time: Wednesday, 19:30

Travelling to Oasis Bradford from Clitheroe

Clitheroe lavishly sits in the heart of the Ribble Valley, Lancashire. Close to Manchester and the expansive and untouched Forest of Bowland, the Office for National Statistics declared Ribble Valley the happiest place to live in the UK recently. With excellent transport links, parks, schools, and places to see, Clitheroe oozes happiness and well-being. Are you looking for the best routes to visit Oasis Bradford from Clitheroe? Here is a list of the best ways to travel:

By road…

 The fastest route from Clitheroe to Oasis Bradford is via A59. It covers about 37.9 miles in just 57 minutes.

By train…

 Every day, you may pick from 26 trains between Clitheroe and Bradford. The average time to reach Oasis Bradford from Clitheroe is around 3 hours and 15 minutes, over about 26 miles. The arrival timings of the first and the last trains are 05:20 and 23:42, respectively.

Finding a Rehab near Clitheroe, Lancashire

Is your loved one trying to quit using drugs or alcohol without medical help? Stop them right away and convince them to seek professional assistance at a rehab. Call us and get help now! We are right on the other side of the call.