Alcohol and drug rehab in Garforth


State of Substance Abuse in Garforth, West Yorkshire

Did you know in 2020, Coroners in the Yorkshire region registered 407 deaths related to substance misuse? Although the actual number can be much higher.

In addition, according to Public Health England (PHE), in 2020, 113 individuals in Leeds (9 miles from Garforth) lost their lives due to alcohol-related causes. Such numbers are not only shocking but also distressing. Not only does substance abuse claim an individual life, but it also undermines the welfare of their family.

But timely assistance can make a difference. It can save your own or your loved one’s life. So, waste no time, and take a step towards healing by visiting the nearby UK Addiction Treatment Centres (UKAT) in Garforth.

Why is Oasis Recovery Bradford a Leading Rehabilitation Facility near Garforth?

UKAT manages eight rehabilitation facilities in the United Kingdom. To start your journey towards a better life, choose any of these affiliated clinics: Liberty House, Primrose Lodge, Sanctuary Lodge, Oasis Runcorn, Linwood House, Banbury Lodge, Recovery Lighthouse, and Oasis Bradford.

Oasis Recovery Bradford is the nearest rehabilitation clinic to Garforth. With the highest Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings, this clinic near Garforth region offers a comprehensive treatment programme for individuals struggling with substance addicton.  

The staff at Oasis Recovery Bradford are highly committed to your or your loved one’s well-being. We focus on all three aspects of an individual – the physical, mental, and spiritual. We keep an eye on you 24/7 and track your development.

Another advantage of this clinic is its convenient location in Garforth. It is only 23 miles away. You can reach this facility in about 30 minutes by car via the M62 route.

The other facilities are:

  • Luxury ensuite Rooms
  • Open 365 day
  • Fresh meals
  • Group walks
  • Relapse and 1-year free Aftercare

Pictures of Oasis Recovery Bradford

Take a look at these pictures of this clinic:

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Treatment Options at Oasis Recovery Bradford near Garforth

Oasis Recovery Bradford near Garforth offers detoxification programmes to combat alcohol and drug addiction. Our expert clinical team takes a holistic approach to achieving long-lasting sobriety. 

This facility near Garforth also offers treatment for behavioural addictions like internet, gambling, etc. In addition, you will have access to individual sessions and complementary therapies as part of your treatment plan.   

The primary treatment plans are as follows:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • 12 Step Programme
  • One-to-one Therapy
  • Family recovery programme
  • Mindful Fitness
  • Group Therapy
  • Meditation

What is the Opinion of People on Oasis Recovery Bradford as a Rehabilitation Facility near Garforth?

At Oasis Recovery Bradford, we focus on addressing the root cause of addiction. This allows us to curate a complete path to recovery. Within easy reach from Garforth, this clinic remains open year-round to meet your recovery needs. Let’s take a look at what patients have to say about their experiences at the clinic:

“I have had a really good experience. It is a really good run place. I felt safe at all times and staff will help at all times. I felt anxious about withdrawals but this was managed very professionally. My peers have been great and staff encourage engaging to help support each other. Really glad I came and I am really grateful and appreciative to all the staff.” – George


“This was a great experience for me and has changed my life for the better. My alcohol addiction, depression and anxiety have been addressed over the 12 week program. Fully recommended.” – Matt


“I wish to thank all staff at Oasis bradford for the care and treatment I’ve being given whilst on my 3 week detox I have met numerous amazing people staff and residents and the tools I have being given I will use in my recovery and my 12 step programme I’ve felt very safe and comfortable here at Oasis thank u so much for this opportunity” – Shazza


Free Addiction Support Groups in Garforth, West Yorkshire

Are private rehabilitation clinics not a viable option for you or your loved ones? Well, local support groups are a great alternative. There are support groups for all kinds of substance abuse. These groups provide the necessary resources to begin the journey to recovery. Here are a few options to consider in Garforth:

Alcoholics Anonymous in Garforth


Leeds Garforth Our Primary Purpose 


Garforth Miners Welfare Hall, 56 Main St, Garforth

Time: 20.00 

Kippax Big Book Study Multi-Mtg


Kippax Methodist Church, Chapel Lane

Time: 19.30

Narcotics Anonymous in Garforth, West Yorkshire

Seacroft Child Welcome Meeting


Olive Branch Community Cafe, St Richards Church, Kentmere Avenue, Seacroft, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS14 1BX

Time: 11:30 

Saturday NA Meeting


Saint Augustine’s Wrangthorn, Hyde Park Terrace, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 1BJ

Time: 13:00

Cocaine Anonymous in Garforth

Leeds Cocaine And All Other Drugs


115 Cottingley Approach
Leeds LS11 0HJ

Time: 13:00

Travelling to Oasis Recovery Bradford from Garforth

Garforth is a town located in the metropolitan borough of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The town flourishes year-round, boasting vibrant events such as the Garforth Arts Festival and the Garforth Gala. With its convenient location east of Leeds, Garforth is well-connected to other parts of the county.

If you are from Garforth and plan to seek recovery at Oasis Recovery Bradford, here’s how you can travel between the two places:

By Car…

The easy way to Oasis Recovery Bradford from Garforth is via the M62 route. It is approximately 23 miles from Garforth. Take the M1 route from Garforth and head towards Leeds. Then take the M62 route towards Bradford. Exit the M62 at junction 26 and follow the signs to the clinic.

By Train…

You can also reach the facility by train. First, catch a train from Garforth Railway Station to Leeds Railway Station. From Leeds, take a train to Bradford Interchange or Bradford Forster Square. From there, take a taxi or public transport to reach the clinic.

Find a Rehabilitation Centre near Garforth, West Yorkshire

Recovery from addiction can be challenging. But with the right help, it can be easier than you think. Don’t hesitate to contact Oasis Recovery Bradford for professional support and guidance near Garforth today.