Healing the Mind and Spirit with Meditation

At Oasis Bradford, we offer Meditation as part of our comprehensive rehabilitation and holistic programme for the treatment of addiction and its common co-occurring illnesses.

The benefits of meditation have been realised for many, many years and records go back to its practice being introduced by religious groups in the very 1st Century BCE. Its calming and focusing effects soon became apparent, and in The 3rd Century BCE Buddhist monks evolved a practise known as mindfulness. Mindfulness is a very simple yet hugely beneficial technique; hence why we have introduced a mindful fitness programme  into the rehabilitation of our patients. Mindfulness is particularly helpful to those suffering from addiction and illnesses such as Depression, Anxiety  and PTSD.

Those that are new to meditation, may find it difficult at first to relax and focus the brain; we recognise that an individual who is newly detoxed or abstinent will have a mind full of thoughts and fears relating to their past and to their future. Our aim to show them a way to take time out from these thoughts and fears and find a way of relaxing and enjoying the present moment. We therefore use a number of proven techniques during our meditation sessions.

Meditation, when used as a daily discipline, can focus the mind positively for the day ahead and help to rewire and repair the brain’s cognitive pathways over time. It has been recognised for a long time that in order for an addict to recover and remain abstinent and sober, that there must be a huge shift in their thinking; meditation, when practiced regularly, assists with this process.

In today’s busy and demanding society, it can be difficult to grab a few minutes for yourself. Yet if you suffer from addiction or a co-occurring illness, it is imperative that you do this regularly as a way of checking in with yourself and improving your clarity and focus. A recovering addicts mind has previously been consumed with obsessive thoughts and feelings of resentment, fear, failure, shame and guilt. All emotions that are unhelpful to their growth in recovery. Practising meditation helps the individual to step away from these thoughts and feelings and connect with their true authentic self, their inner conscience, peace, truth and love.

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a holistic therapy that takes the individual’s mind away from the external world and their problems and helps them to focus within themselves. Over time and practise, the individual will learn to find answers and solutions to their own problems, thoughts and emotions, without seeking something externally to fix it. In the case of an alcoholic  or an addict; their brain is trained to compulsively seek drink, drugs  and mood altering behaviours to change the way they feel inside and to block out emotions and painful thought processes. The benefits are profound and truly transformative when practiced on a regular basis. Meditation does take discipline, something that addicts are very unfamiliar with. We use this therapy, in the hope that by instilling the basic principles of meditation that the individual will continue to practise it outside of the treatment environment and thus continue to reap its benefits.

As a holistic therapy, Meditation treats the mind, body and spirit; in essence, the individual as a whole person.

Meditation offers the following benefits to those that practise it regularly:

  • The individual is able to self-calm and refocus during stressful and chaotic times
  • Breaks obsessive thought patterns; giving the individual more control over their mind so they are less likely to act impulsively or compulsively
  • Assists in breaking unhelpful thought patterns and refocusing positively
  • Assists the individual in processing difficult and painful emotions
  • Helps to clear cloudy and chaotic thinking
  • Assists with sleep disorders and in restoring a restful sleep pattern
  • Drastically reduces anxiety and panic attacks
  • Helps to reduce muscle tension and physical pain
  • Assist the individual in finding solutions to problems themselves
  • Helps connect the individual to their body, mind and soul
  • Assists the individual in becoming self-aware
  • Assists the individual in pinpointing why they may be feeling a particular emotion and helps them to process it
  • Helps to lift depressive symptoms and instil a more positive outlook
  • Repairs and rewires cognitive pathways
  • Encourages self-care and self-nurture
  • Assists in connecting spiritually, deep within themselves, or to a power greater than themselves
  • Lowers blood pressure and regulates breathing
  • Induces feelings of peacefulness and deep relaxation

As well as being a very effective way to relax and calm the mind, Meditation and Mindfulness are also extremely helpful during the detoxification process. It helps to bring the individual’s thinking into the present moment, relieving catastrophic thoughts, detoxification related aches and pains and tension within the body. It also helps the individual to become at ease with themselves and learn that they do not need someone else to fix them or their problems for them.

Methods of Meditation That We Use

Meditation, renowned for its therapeutic and physical effects, is recognised medically around the world. Whilst you undergo treatment at Oasis Bradford, you will be introduced to following methods of meditation to assist you in your recovery journey:


Mindfulness focuses on being present in the moment and is one of the most beneficial meditation practices used in treating mood disorders and addiction. It is particularly helpful in assisting to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and helping to detox the mind of unwanted and distressing thought patterns. Mindfulness is very simplistic in practise, it can be as simple as focusing on the breath. Each patient will be shown how to bring the mind and body into the here and now, focusing on and experiencing sensations relevant to the process in the mind and in the body. Mindfulness can be used anywhere and at any time, by anyone. Its principles are simple and easy to follow, it can even be used whilst eating, walking or working out. Mindfulness is expanded on during our Mindful Fitness  sessions; making it accessible for all, including those that find difficulty in sitting still for any period of time. Mindfulness has proven medical and psychological benefits of rewiring the cognitive pathways and providing the individual with more self-awareness and self-control over impulsive thoughts and subsequent behaviours.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation provides a useful medium in introducing meditation to those who have little experience in its practice. It is particularly helpful to those who are unable to focus or struggle with silence. Guided meditation takes the individual on a journey, to a safe and comforting place, where they are able to disassociate from external noise and the internal dialogue of their mind. Distanced from the material world and their own internal conflict and dialogue, they are able to focus and calm through following the simple suggestions of the meditation guide. Oasis Bradford introduce patients to guided meditation through a series of tried and tested guided talks and music. The beauty of guided meditation is that there are many apps, CDs and internet sites available, so that patients will be able to continue accessing guided meditation on leaving our care. Guided meditation can be a very useful stepping stone to more disciplined and contemplative approaches to meditation, as most will prefer to start with this assisted method. Guided meditation is best used for complete relaxation, and can assist with falling asleep. It is therefore not recommended to be used whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

For further information on our meditation programme and its benefits, please call and speak to a member of our clinical team who will be happy to assist, or chat to us LIVE online now!


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