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Try a different approach: Trauma Therapy Specialists

We specialise in treating trauma as part of our addiction recovery programme.

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How we treat addiction

There are lots of options when treating addiction; Bradford Oasis use a holistic person centred approach. This ensures that each individual is fully treated as a whole person physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually

12 Step

We believe in the proven and powerful healing effects of 12-step therapy. All individuals suffering from addiction can benefit from elements of the 12 step programme at Bradford Oasis


Many patients suffering from addiction have untreated trauma from their past. If left untreated this can prove to be a stumbling block in their future on going recovery. We unearth and address the issues underpinning each individual’s addiction.Treating Trauma through therapy aids long-term recovery by treating the core issues and not just symptoms.


During their stay, our patients will benefit from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, delivered by our exemplary team of qualified staff. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a proven treatment for addiction and a number mental health issues.


Meditation helps the mind to focus inwardly and stay in the present. It is a powerful tool in connecting the individual to their true authentic self and to find inner peace and tranquility. Via this method, our patients also balance out their breathing;  it has also been proven to aid in the detoxification process and in treating anxiety and depression.

Music Therapy

Finding a way to communicate with the world is important when healing from addiction. Not everyone responds to more conventional methods. Our team of skilled specialists will help each patient to individually express themselves and discover the healing power of music.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy provides a useful medium which allows our clients to express themselves freely through creativity. Through various art mediums, we help each individual to rediscover their inner crmeativity. Art Therapy introduces a new way to express feelings and emotions, that can be enjoyed and continued in the outside world.

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The addictions we treat
Alcohol addiction

Our experience is that alcohol addiction can and does affect anyone, regardless of age, sex or social standing. We treat alcoholics from all walks of life, including the young and uneducated, students, the successful business professional, the stay at home mum or dad and the retired. Alcohol addiction is a chronic brain disease; therefore social standing becomes irrelevant. Money can be a problem for those who need to access treatment urgently. For those that cannot afford a private detox, NHS services are notoriously slow and lacking in government funding. Perhaps this is why it is hitting the poorest communities the hardest.

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Anxiety disorder

Anxiety Disorder can be a chronic and debilitating condition that impacts on every area of the sufferer’s life. Most of us will experience anxiety at some point and this is perfectly natural. Those with Anxiety Disorder can experience it at crippling levels and on more or less a continual basis.

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Co-dependency is a very common co-occurring disorder that affects addicts and their families alike. Most families who have a loved one with an addiction will have co-dependency issues. Nearly all addicts, especially those in a relationship with another addict will have co-dependency. This illness is characterised by the individual sacrificing one’s personal needs in order to try and meet the needs of another.

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Depression is much more than just a feeling of sadness. To the sufferer, it can be debilitating, as it negatively impacts on all areas of their life. Overcoming Depression can take a combination of medical and therapeutic treatment. At Bradford Oasis we are able to successfully treat depression as a co-occurring disorder alongside a full medically managed detox for any substance dependency; providing a long-term solution in order to prevent recurrence of either condition in the future.

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Drug addiction

Drug addiction is often dismissed as a poor and destructive lifestyle choice by those who do not understand it. Here at Oasis Bradford, we fully understand the implications and devastating consequences of this life threatening illness. Addiction to anything, whether it be a substance, an activity or to a person, is definitely not a choice. Addiction can have devastating effects on the individual sufferer and on those that love and care for them. An individual who is suffering from addiction is very mentally and physically unwell. Addiction resides in the individual mind and brain, the substance or activity is but a symptom of their illness.

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Dual diagnosis

With an individual suffering from a dual diagnosis disorder, determining which came first can be challenging. Treating the conditions at different times can be both dangerous and detrimental to a full and lasting recovery. Any individual who has reached the end of the line with an alcohol or drug addiction is likely to show symptoms of depression and anxiety. These symptoms tend to diminish or vanish completely once the patient has been safely detoxed; but this is not the case for patients with Dual Diagnosis.

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Cannabis addiction

Cannabis addiction is very common, but most see it as a harmless addiction. Most Cannabis users will give any number of reasons why they believe it is safe to use, and so justify continuing to use it. However if the individual is an addict, as with any other substance, they will use Cannabis to excess and as a solution to how they feel inside.

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Codeine addiction

At Bradford Oasis we can provide a full medically managed detox regime for those with an addiction to Codeine and other opiate based painkillers. Withdrawal from Codeine and other narcotic/opiate based painkillers can be very dangerous and uncomfortable. We uniquely provide 24/7 nursing care to ensure each and every patient is safe and comfortable at all times of the day and night. Addiction comes in many forms and it’s not just illegal drugs and alcohol that individuals can become dependent on.

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Heroin addiction

We at Bradford Oasis, are well aware of the dangers of how addictive Heroin is, and how especially dangerous it is now with these two substances being mixed with in with it. Withdrawal can be deadly, so must be very carefully medically monitored and managed at all times. We are able to safely detox patients who have become addicted to these substances. We have successfully carried out many medical detoxes of this kind, with our patients leaving us completely drug free!

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Gambling addiction

Gambling Addiction is an addiction to a certain activity. The addict becomes addicted to the anticipation and euphoria produced when preparing and placing a gamble. This is further reinforced when the gambler wins. Whilst it is not a substance addiction, the consequences can be just as destructive as alcohol or drugs. Most that suffer from gambling addiction, do not realise, that as an addiction, it is a recognised medical condition and there is professional help and treatments available that make recovery possible

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Refer today 0203 733 5467

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