Drug Detox – A Key Step to Recovery

Oasis Bradford is able to facilitate a full in-house medical detox for all substance related addictions. We are also able to accommodate those that are addicted to more than one drug or who are using exceptionally high amounts. Our 24/7 medical and nursing care means that we have the provisions for complex drug detoxes, detoxes that other rehabs are not equipped to deal with adequately.

When Is a Medical Drug Detox Needed?

Once an individual has developed a tolerance to a drug, they will find it extremely difficult to stop without developing sometimes-horrendous withdrawal symptoms. Over any given period of time of regular use of any kind of addictive drug or substance, the body will develop what is known as Tolerance.  Tolerance means that the Addict or Alcoholic will need to use larger quantities and increase the frequency of their usage in order to gain the original effect that they sought from the drug AND to stop the body from going into acute withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms from drugs are not pleasant and can be very dangerous if not managed correctly. The pain and discomfort from withdrawal is what delays many addicts from stopping. There is a great deal of fear around withdrawal and the mental torture that accompanies the physical pain and discomfort.

What Is a Medical Drug Detox?

Statistically it has been proven that the safest and most successful way of detoxing is with around the clock supervision and medical intervention. Oasis Bradford specialise in medical detoxification from all manner of illicit, legal and prescription drugs. On admission to our alcohol and drug detox clinic, our Doctor and nursing team, prior to a prescription for a medical detox regime being issued, carefully and comprehensively assesses each client. The nursing team then carries out the medical detox, administering medication as per the Doctor’s instructions. The medication prescribed will act as a substitute for the drug or drugs and the client will then be weaned off of them over a period of time to manage and reduce the withdrawal symptoms to comfortable levels

Throughout the detoxification regime, clients are monitored very closely by our medical and support staff at all times.  Client’s vital stats are checked on a daily basis and they are reviewed daily to ensure they are coping with the detox and not developing any adverse effects or complications. Our waking night staff include a qualified nurse and a support worker, who check on clients throughout the night; we really do take our clients safety very seriously and provide high levels of care and support at all times of day and night.

We Treat Complex Addictions

Some substances can be very dangerous and life threatening when stopped suddenly; inevitably some clients come to us with more than one substance addiction. This requires a full and thorough initial assessment by our Medical practitioner, who will then agree a detox regime for our nursing team to adhere to. Our medical practitioner will review the drug detox and progress frequently.  Clients can also request a review of their detox, if they feel they are struggling and would like to discuss other options available.

Some of the more complex drug detoxes we facilitate include:






Prescription Drugs


Sleeping Tablets




Spice (legal high)

All of the above have the potential to result in death if not carried out correctly and without supervision. In the event of a client being very unwell, either on admission or during drug detox, we have close access to a nearby hospital with emergency department.

What Is a Physical Dependence to Drugs?

Physical dependence is another term for tolerance, where the individual’s body becomes accustomed to having a certain amount of a substance within their system. Over a period of time and with frequent use, the body’s brain receptors will adapt so that the body can function with the substance. If the substance is stopped abruptly, in some instances the results can be catastrophic as the body goes into shock. In order for the body and brain to function, the individual MUST have the substance. Once the body and brain have adapted, the user will no longer feel the initial high they once experienced and will only gain the benefit of not going into withdrawal by carrying on using the same amount.  Addicts use drugs for the effects that they produce, so inevitably they increase the amount ingested so as to still gain a high. The body and brain then accepts this as the norm and adjusts again. They then will have to increase again and again to gain the effect they crave. When this has happened, the body and brain are physically dependent on the drug or drugs.

It is not only the body that will suffer from an abrupt withdrawal from drugs, the brain’s chemistry adapts also during the process of tolerance. Abrupt withdrawal can cause the brain’s chemistry to become very unbalanced so that the addict displays symptoms of mental as well as physical withdrawal. The mental withdrawal will crave the drug; create acute anxiety and depression, hallucinations and even psychosis. This why so many fail to complete home detoxes or detoxes in the community where they can easily gain access to drugs to relieve their symptoms.

The Drug Detox Process

Each individual will be fully assessed on his or her own individual circumstances and treatment needs.  What may be suitable for one patient would be completely unsuitable for another, even when suffering from the same substance addiction.

Factors such as length of addiction, general health, medications, age, and gender, physical and mental stability all have to be carefully considered when prescribing a drug detox regime.

Our staff adheres to strict guidelines and practices around medications and their distribution. We are fully approved and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Clients will not be left in charge of any medications and all medications are kept safe and secure at all times.

The duration of a detox will be dependent on the amount of the drug the patient has been taking, the frequency and length of time. Our clinic staff would be happy to advise you further on this.

After Detox

Once the drug detoxification process has been completed, it is vital that the individual undergoes a full rehabilitation treatment program. Without this, there is an extremely high chance of relapse. We have numerous rehab centres all over the country that are renowned for their standards of excellence in meeting each individual’s treatment needs. Rehabilitation is only effective once drug detox has been completed, as the client will then have a better chance of understanding and accepting the therapy and programme on offer. Oasis Bradford always recommend a full rehabilitation programme to follow on immediately after drug detox has been completed and can arrange for our clients to be transferred to one of our many rehabilitation clinics around the UK. For those that do not wish to go on to rehab, a full discharge plan will be provided to help them to adjust returning back to the community.

If your have any questions relating to our drug detox process from drugs or further rehabilitation, please call us to discuss your individual circumstance.

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