Finding Local Alcohol And Drug Rehab Treatment In Staffordshire

Drug and alcohol addiction issues can be physically and emotionally draining – not only for you but for your loved ones as well. If you’re struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs and looking to get treatment in Staffordshire, there are several addiction centres that can help.

Professional addiction specialists have a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of addiction issues, so they can provide you with the most relevant treatment and support for your condition. If you need to find the best drug or alcohol treatment centre in Staffordshire (or further afield), or are interested in being admitted to a substance detox programme, this guide can offer helpful information.

You can ease the process of getting treatment, accessing the right support and improving your chances of success by speaking to your physician or a drug treatment counsellor. These individuals can direct you to some of the most effective rehab facilities in Staffordshire or surrounding areas, depending on your needs and individual preferences. Ongoing treatment programmes are also available if you need aftercare options once your rehab treatment is complete.

Services Offered By Oasis Bradford

Oasis Bradford is a fully equipped rehab centre located in West Yorkshire, 112 miles away from Staffordshire. It is roughly a two hour drive via the M1, going through Derby, Chesterfield, Rotherham, Barnsley, and Wakefield. We specialise in medically supervised detox, with extremely high standards of care. We perform all forms of medical detoxification and cater for patients in need of a more intense level of medical care.

Our services include:

  • Drug and alcohol detox and rehab
  • Individual therapy
  • Family recovery programme
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Eating disorder recovery treatment
  • 1yr free aftercare

In addition, we can organise a full rehabilitation programme to run immediately after you complete detox, including one year’s free aftercare. Our patients don’t need to drive, as we provide a sober transport service that can take you to and from your treatment appointments.

Call us today to begin your addiction treatment.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

Private rehab comes with many advantages over other treatment routes and options such as the NHS, charities and free community programmes.

These advantages include:

  • Around-the-clock Speedy admission in cases of emergency
  • Quick access to health professionals and therapists
  • Detoxification and rehabilitation with 24/7 care and support
  • Personalised treatment programmes
  • Arrangement for family support and therapy
  • Flexible treatment options, which include inpatient and outpatient care
  • 1 yr free aftercare programmes
  • Integration of other therapeutic activities – such as music and art therapy

Cons of private rehab

Cost – which should be weighed up against long-term health deterioration and financial oblivion

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Staffordshire?

Addiction counselling 10 sessions for £1,000
10 day detox with therapy £3,500
14 day detox, rehab and therapy £4,950
28 day detox, rehab & therapy £9,000

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Staffordshire

If you’re unable to pay out-of-pocket for rehabilitation, you can still get the treatment you need to beat addiction. Rehab centres in Staffordshire offer cheaper alternatives or free/NHS addiction treatment. Your GP can point you in the right direction for this form of treatment, so you can overcome drug or alcohol addiction without incurring any financial costs.

Addiction Support Groups in Staffordshire

Addiction support groups in Staffordshire can help you regain a normal life, whether you’re in the process of treatment or have completed a structured rehabilitation programme. These groups are made up of people who come together to help one another overcome substance addiction of different forms.

You can talk to your GP or medical staff at your rehab centre to help locate such support groups locally. If you’re dealing with addiction to alcohol, AA can help provide guidance and useful skills to overcome the temptation to drink. In addition, members share their addiction experiences and you might find that these people understand exactly what you’re going through.

NA meetings in/near Staffordshire

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a support group you can join, whether you’re just starting addiction treatment or have left the facility following the completion of rehab. When you feel the urge to take drugs, NA can help and there’s always someone you can reach out to for support. Here are some NA meetings held in and around Staffordshire:

Salvation Army
Faraday Road, Stafford, ST16 3NQ
Tuesday 7:00pm

Stoke Recovery Services
2 Broad Street,
Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 4HL
Sunday 7:30pm

The John O’Gaunt Hub
Pool Dam, Newcastle-under-Lyme,
Saturday 7:30pm

AA meetings in/near Staffordshire

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a fellowship of men and women, who come together to help each other in their fight against addiction to alcohol. The group can play a significant role in recovering from alcoholism. If you need support and encouragement to overcome an addiction to alcohol, AA can provide this. To find a meeting close to you in Staffordshire, choose from the options below:


Share In Recovery
Quaker Meeting House,
Foregate St, ST16 2PX
Wednesday 19.30 – Duration 1hr 30mins

Big Book Study
St Aidans Church Hall, Albert St,
off Pye Green Rd, WS11 5JD
Sunday 19.30 – Duration 1hr 30mins

Back To Basics
Welsh Methodists Church Assembly Rooms,
Merrial St, ST5 2AD
Tuesday 19.30 – Duration 1hr 30mins

Addiction Counselling in/near Staffordshire

Experienced addiction counsellors in Staffordshire are qualified to work with you to address your concerns. Sometimes, addictive habits begin as minor behavioural traits, until they eventually become significant problems in need of expert help. Whether you’re struggling with addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, or gambling, you can find appropriate addiction counselling in Staffordshire to help you regain control over your life.

Local Government Addiction Resources in Staffordshire

Addiction Dependency Solutions (ADS)
Provides help and advice to families suffering from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse.

Provides services that include harm reduction interventions, information, advice, and recovery planning, in addition to a range of psychosocial, pharmacological and structured treatment programme

One Recovery
Is a substance misuse partnership, working closely with organisations to offer the best service for individuals with substance issues

How Can I Get To and From Staffordshire?

By Road

Staffordshire is situated in the middle of the UK, close to some of the major motorways. You can reach Staffordshire via the M6, which has junctions for Stafford (13 and 14) and Stoke-on-Trent (15 and 16), and also via the M6 Toll, past destinations such as Lichfield and Cannock.

The M54 runs through South Staffordshire and the M42 through Tamworth, while the M1 is also close by, linked to Staffordshire by the A50 (via Junction 24). To plan your routes, please visit The AA or the RAC websites.

By Rail

Staffordshire has some great connections to the rest of the UK – especially the West Coast Main Line – which connects Stafford, Lichfield and Stoke-on-Trent to major cities such as Birmingham, London and Manchester. You can get details of train times via National Rail and train operators such as Cross Country Trains and Virgin Trains, which operate throughout the county.

By Air

If you prefer to fly, Staffordshire is within a 50 mile radius of Manchester Airport, Birmingham Airport and East Midlands Airport.