Finding Local Alcohol And Drug Rehab Treatment In Wrexham

Wrexham’s position as one of the largest towns in North Wales exposes its citizens to a budding and active drug scene. In fact, recent times have seen a rise in the distribution and abuse of synthetic substances and ‘legal highs’ in the area. If you or a loved one are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, compulsive use of drugs, or other signs of addiction, we can provide the necessary professional help.

Treatment will typically consist of a medically assisted detox to help you through the withdrawal stage as painlessly, comfortably, and effectively as possible. This will be followed by rehabilitation, which will treat the psychological aspects of your addiction and equip you with the skills to stay drug-free long-term. After you’re discharged, you can continue treatment via our free aftercare programme that will provide you support as you move on with a drug-free life.

Services Offered By Oasis Recovery Communities

Oasis Bradford located in Bradford, Yorkshire is a unique rehab that provides a holistic treatment process that goes above and beyond inpatient treatment. We provide structure and inspiration to everyone that has lost hope of recovery. Our ability to detox any addictive substance from the human body sets us apart from rivals facilities. This, along with world-class CQC approved holistic rehabilitation ensures that once our clients are detoxed they stay stopped long-term.

Oasis Runcorn located in Runcorn, Cheshire is our sister centre and part of the Oasis Recovery Communities family. Here are 100% CQC rated clinic offers intensive rehabilitation programmes tailored to individual needs and preferences

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Alcohol detox and rehab
  • Drug detox and rehab
  • 12-Step therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • 1yr free aftercare relapse prevention
  • Sober transport

Wrexham is 1hr 45mins from Bradford and only 35mins to Runcorn in Cheshire.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

  • Around-the-clock Speedy admission in cases of emergency
  • Quick access to health professionals and therapists
  • Detoxification and rehabilitation with 24/7 care and support
  • Personalised treatment programmes
  • Arrangement for family support and therapy
  • Flexible treatment options, which include inpatient and outpatient care
  • 1 yr free aftercare programmes
  • Integration of other therapeutic activities – such as music and art therapy

Cons of private rehab

Cost – which should be weighed up against long-term health deterioration and financial oblivion

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Wrexham?

The below are guides to our Oasis pricing – please call for a detailed plan

Addiction counselling 10 sessions for £1,000
10 day detox with therapy £3,500
28 day detox, rehab & therapy £5,500
84 day detox, rehab & therapy £9,999

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Wrexham

Free NHS addiction treatment is available to all residents of Wrexham. This can be accessed in your local community, whether that is Llay, Burton, or anywhere else in and around Wrexham. To access NHS addiction treatment, simply speak with your GP concerning what options are available.

Your GP can advise you with regards the following options:

• Local Drug and Alcohol Services
You can access this service either via a referral from you GP or even a self-referral in certain circumstances. A typical local drug and alcohol service will offer a variety of low intensity therapeutic interventions, which may include holistic therapies and keyworking. Treatment can involve either a reduction/tapering plan, or swapping your substance of abuse for a substitute prescription.

• Counselling
Your GP can refer you for addiction counselling sessions. However, keep in mind that an NHS assigned counsellor won’t necessarily specialise in treating addictions, but will more likely be a general counsellor.

• Local Mental Health Team
If your GP believes you require additional support, you could be referred to the local mental health team. Such a referral will give you access to psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and other specialists. Keep in mind that the services provided by the mental health team are not drugs and alcohol addiction treatment specific; instead, they are aimed at caring for a diverse range of mental health conditions

Addiction Support Groups in Wrexham

Spider Project is a health and wellbeing recovery project that supports individuals recovering from substance misuse.

Addaction offers one on one support to family members of loved ones dealing with problematic drug or alcohol abuse.

NA meetings in/near Wrexham

There are a number of NA meetings held across Wrexham on a daily basis.

Find one nearest to you:

Trinity Methodist Church
Whitby Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire
Wednesdays at 7:30 pm

Cornwall Street, Newtown, Chester, Cheshire
Tuesdays at 7:30 pm

Living Clean
Rock Chapel, Bernard Road, Wrexham, Clwyd
Mondays at 7:00 pm

AA meetings in/near Wrexham

There are a number of AA meetings held across Wrexham on a daily basis.

Find one nearest to you:

Methodist Church, Broad St
Tuesdays at 8.00pm

St Marys Church Hall, Regent St
Sundays at 8.15pm

Champions House, Grove Park Road
Saturdays at 10.30am

Addiction Counselling in/near Wrexham

A number of addiction counselling organisations are active in Wrexham. Addiction counselling is especially useful for people who are committed to quitting substance abuse and would like to achieve long-term abstinence.

Find addiction counselling near you.

Oasis Bradford Yorkshire. Telephone: 0203 733 4195
Oasis Runcorn Cheshire. Telephone: 0203 131 5938
• Open Minds, Clarity House, Borras Road. Telephone: 01978 312120
• CAIS, Hafan Wen, 4 Watery Rd. Telephone: 01978 313904

How Can I Get To and From Wrexham?

Wrexham is a large and busy town in North Wales, located between the lower Dee Valley, alongside the border with England and the Welsh mountains. The area has a quality road network and a variety of public transportation options you can use to get around town or further afield.

By Car

If driving, you can take the M62 or the A534 and M62, as well as the M56 to Bradford. The M62 offers the fastest route however.
To start your journey, simply take the A483 and N Wales Expressway/A55 to the M53 in Chester. Then proceed on the M56, M62, M60 and M62 to Chase Way/A6177 in Bradford. From the A6177, take Parkway to Bowling Park Drive and Hall Lane to Bolling Road, where you will find Oasis Recovery Rehab.

By Train

If you don’t want to drive, take a train from Manchester Airport to Manchester Victoria. From there, take another train to the Bradford Interchange. Oasis Recovery is a short walking distance from here.

Remember that Oasis Recovery offers a sober transport service, whereby we can transport you from your home to our rehab facility at your convenience.